These 4 dream homes in Italy cost less than 30 thousand euros, and there is no scam

We are so used to imagining homes as an expensive commodity that we do not pay attention to the deals (some unmissable, objectively) that surround us. That’s right: our country is teeming with real estate deals to take advantage of, but generally we don’t even notice.

Italy and its real estate market are difficult to frame, but to summarize as much as possible we could say that in the city (especially those of the north) prices are quite high. While in the province (especially that of the south) the prices are low.

But apart from the two macro-categories there is another one: that of business. Houses to buy immediately for how cheap they are. Sometimes less than 50,000 euros, others even less than 30,000.

Every month, especially in the province, there are houses sold for the price of a car. For example this apartment in the Valle di Zeri it costs only 28 thousand euros. We are in the countryside just one hour from Parma.

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Here’s another chance: this house in Cammarata it costs only 10 thousand euros. In short, with a minimum investment, you can buy without even having to ask for a mortgage. And there are many more examples.

Take for example this small house in Nomaglio, not bad, right? Yet the price it is only 10 thousand euros. Yet we are in the center of a town not far from Turin. By car it takes just one hour.

And if it was not yet clear that in Italy, in this period, you can buy a house with a very small sum, here is a fourth example. In Palazzolo, a beautiful town in the Apennines that divides Tuscany from Emilia-Romagna, there is a two-room apartment for sale at 30 thousand euros. An unmissable opportunity.

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