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The Ministry of Health has reported the withdrawal of some batches of ice cream of a famous international brand: this is what they contain

New report of batches withdrawn from the market: this time, the products concerned are ice creams of a famous brand all over the world. The Ministry of Health has just announced the recall of the food product by operators due to a chemical risk. The chemical risk relates to the possible presence of a chemical substance not reported on the label. This isn’t the first recall of a chemical hazard product in recent weeks. In some peanut packages, for example, operators found high amounts of alpha toxins a few days ago.

In addition to the recall for chemical risk, there is also that for physical risk. The latter concerns the discovery of external materials in product packaging. For example, the Ministry of Health had recently announced the possible discovery of glass fragments in some packages of potato salad.

Gelati, the Ministry of Health announces the withdrawal of these lots: the details

The report from the Ministry of Health, published in the last few minutes, concerns the recall for chemical risk of some batches of branded vanilla-based ice creams Häagen-Dazs. About a month after the recall of some batches of ice cream of the same US brand, the operator reported another recall as a precaution. The risk is that some ice cream packages have been contaminated with a chemical that can be very dangerous for our health. Let’s talk about the ethylene chlorhydrin or 2-chloroethanol. The intake of this substance can cause significant damage to the kidneys, the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system. Last month, the recall of the batches occurred for the same reason.

The lots we are talking about are produced by Häagen Dazs Arras SNC and the name or business name of the FBO in whose name the products were marketed is Häagen Dazs. The headquarters of the factory in which they were produced is located in France, at 62217 Tilloy Les Mofflaines. The identification mark of the factory / manufacturer is FR 62.817.030CE. The sales denomination is “Vanilla-based ice creams“and, in particular, the packages are of two different types. The ice cream packages affected by the recall are, in fact, those of the variety”Caramel Attraction” And “Favorite Selection“. The description of the weight / volume of the sales unit is, in both cases, 4×95 ml.

The best before date or best before date (tmc) of the affected packages of the variety Caramel Attraction is 08/03/23, while the expirations of the variety Favorite Selection, as indicated in the recall form published on the Ministry of Health website, are the following: 08/03/23 – 10/03/23 – 22/03/23 – 23/03/23 – 25/04/23 – 29 / 04/23 – 07/04/23. There Häagen-Dazswhich has made a voluntary recall for the discovery of traces of 2-chloroethanol, invites people who have purchased these packages to bring them back to the point of sale.

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