they cost just 40 euros, here is the model

During his sleek holidays around Italy, among clothes Fendi, Versace And Balenciaga Giulia De Lellis on Instagram shows herself with a garment that has an affordable price for all budgets and is easily available: here are all the details of the look.

Among the crowd of influencers and trend experts today, the figure of Giulia de Lellis is certainly one of the most followed on social networks. She is perhaps second to the untouchable Chiara Ferragni, the former suitor of Men and women from the very first moments on television he revealed his love for the world of fashion and fashion. Her outfits are always original, suitable for the occasion and worthy of receiving numerous likes and comments on Instagram in a very short time from publication.

The ‘diary’ of the model is in fact the scene of outfits envied by many of her peers and beyond. Almost in most cases, however, they are vintage or sold at exorbitant prices. Just think that she prefers high fashion clothes even when she goes to have a harmless coffee with her boyfriend Carlo Gussalli Beretta or for a walk with her little dog Tommy. A few nights ago, however, during her stay in Sardinia, she was pinched with a garment that is easily available at a well-known brand belonging to the low-cost range: this is what it is about her.

Giulia de Lellis wears a garment of only 40 euros: here’s where to find it

During an evening at the disco in the very popular Costa Smeralda, Giulia de Lellis presented herself with an amazing look as usual. In fact, she knotted a Versace scarf as a kind of top, surprising for the originality of the choice and for how she thought of reusing the accessory. The detail that has sent her many fans into a frenzy, ready to copy every move in terms of outfits and make-up, concerns the ‘under’ of the chosen combination.

No exorbitant figures and online races to grab the best price, because for the lower part, Giulia has chosen Zara pants that cost only 40 euros. They are of the basic line and come down very soft on the legs, significantly slimming the figure. Given the strong influx of followers who immediately flocked to the online site and physical stores to grab the same garment worn by their darling, Zara offers several models very similar to the one in question and at approximately the same price. It will therefore be very simple to ensure that they can soon occupy your closet.

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