they could be the cause of a serious illness

In recent years, more and more people complain of back pain, especially the very young who already at the age of 11 suffer from pain. The most common symptoms are spinal discomfort, witch strokes and mostly incapacitating pains.

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Accomplice of the continuous back pain is certainly the incorrect posture repeated during the day due to the use of mobile phones, tablets and PCs and certainly a sedentary life that is not very dynamic.

What pathology can hide back pain?

Unfortunately, back pain is not always taken seriously, especially when the little ones accuse it because it is usually attributed to futile causes, perhaps risky moves for fun; be careful, however, behind a recurring pain, a pathology could be hidden which, if not taken in time, can become serious and disabling.

The pathology we are referring to is the Scoliosis which in recent years has become a plague for the new generations, disease that affects daily activities and lifestyle. The same situation is for adults: i Overload Muscle Skeletal Disorders,(DMS), currently affect about 30% of the population.

Scoliosis which means “bowing“, From the Greek“ skoliosis ”, is a pathology already known in antiquity. Today this particular pathology of the back it affects about 3% of the population and it consists of a deformity of the vertebral column that manifests itself with a rotation of the vertebral bodies and a lateral curvature.

What is scoliosis

Scoliosis can be of various kinds: lumbar, dorso-lumbar, dorsal, cervico-dorsal. The symptoms are many and can vary from person to person, the most frequent manifesting themselves with an unbalanced pelvis or a raised and more prominent hip, irregular hips, shoulders positioned at different heights, body tilted to one side, shoulder blades one more prominent than the other, ribs positioned at different heights or prominent when leaning forward.

Scoliosis as a pathology can be attributed to various causes of different origins that we can distinguish in: Idiopathic scoliosis which has no well-known causes, congenital scoliosistherefore present from birth, scoliosis due to neuro-muscular pathologies oa congenital malformations of the spine or scoliosis due to a number of genetic diseases.

However, this disease is not always associated with the pathologies we have talked about but, at a young age, it can also appear in healthy subjects. The precise causes are not yet known, in fact for decades science has been trying to understand which are the causes that determine one idiopathic scoliosis in young people. Surely, this pathology is highlighted in the age of adolescence for this reason an early diagnosis is essential to understand its evolution in the subject and block it. The signs to recognize it are those we have previously listed.

When you realize that, associated with pain, there are signals such as that of trunk asymmetryyou must immediately contact your doctor or specialist who will evaluate whether to proceed with an x-ray examination. The so-called “minor” scoliosis below 20 ° are kept under control, while those that exceed this parameter are treated with orthopedic corsets that contain their development.

In fact, if the trunk is left free to rotate on itself, the scoliosis will advance quickly, on the contrary, if an external block is placed on the trunk, the worsening can be decreased. do not underestimate back pain and observe changes in your body, in this particular case of the back and limbs and, contact your doctor for an initial evaluation.

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