Third case of Nile fever in the province

A seventy-year-old from Padua who works in the Feltre area with important neurological symptoms was transferred to the Padua department of Neurology

BELLUNO. Third case of Nile fever in the province of Belluno. This is an import case. The patient is a seventy year old from Padua who works in the Feltre area. He has felt ill in the past few days with significant neurological symptoms. For this reason he was transferred from the Feltre hospital to the Neurology department of Padua.

This is the second import case recorded this week in the Belluno area. The first involved an eighty-year-old Venetian a few days after his arrival in Santa Giustina for a holiday. This patient also presented neurological problems: after a few days of hospitalization at Santa Maria del Prato he was transported to the Mirano hospital for reasons of proximity to home.

The young man from Belluno infected with the West Nile virus and who represents the first autochthonous case of this disease in the province was discharged today, Friday 26 August. Given his age, the boy had no particular problems except headache and fever.

Ulss 1 Dolomiti, therefore, is engaged in prophylactic actions against this virus transmitted by the bite of infected Culex mosquitoes. A strengthening of antilarval treatments is therefore underway near the home of the infected young man.

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