This Citroen motorhome is a luxury home, but it costs the same as a subcompact

The interior of the Citroen Wildcamp looks like that of a luxury apartment, or – and we’re not exaggerating – a real hotel room. The photos speak for themselves: the smooth and elegant surfaces, the minimal but extremely comfortable furniture when traveling, the on-board electronics combined with a vintage look reminds you directly of the Eighties. Wonderful.

In addition to aesthetics, however, there is the price: only 20 thousand euros for a complete and hyper-equipped camper model that would normally cost at least twice as much. The prices of campers, on the other hand, it is known, are very high. Not this time, by decision of the French carmaker.

The site specializing in motorhomes Vanclan has dedicated an article with enthusiastic lathes to the Citroen Wildcamp. The vintage look that winks at the vehicles of the Eighties and Seventies is liked, but the extreme organization and functionality of the interior spaces can win over the public of enthusiasts even more.

There are two stoves, for example, and they are just as comfortable as those in a home, the same goes for the large double bed or the living room. Everything, absolutely everything is of quality inside the French camper, and for this reason it seems an excellent idea for anyone who wants to make a smart and lasting investment.

With a camper like this (and which costs so little) it is easy to consider our next holidays arranged: one year maybe you go around Sicily, another in Trentino and another in Umbria, or you can spend the summer in Slovenia. and Croatia. With such a vehicle, every journey is within reach.

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