“This costume is not good for your breasts”, Teresanna Pugliese reacts badly to body shaming

Teresanna Pugliese on Instagram yet another victim of body-shaming. Thunders the former face of Men and women with harsh and bitter words towards the haters. Here are all the details of the vent.

Lovers of the living room of Men and women they will surely remember Teresanna Pugliese, the beautiful Neapolitan who made the coveted Francesco Monte lose his head. She has distinguished herself from her first intervention for her very strong character and her always very clear and transparent judgments. For this reason, in fact, she has often been the protagonist of heated disputes in the studio of Cinecittà. His presence, however, was greatly admired by the editorial staff itself, in fact Maria de Filippi requested his presence as a columnist in some episodes of the last season.

The beautiful ‘mbriana, as she calls herself on Instagram recalling the popular’ good ‘witch so dear to the Neapolitan people, is currently with her husband Giovanni and little Francesco in Costa Smeralda. Between one shot and another in the crystalline waters of Sardinia, the model was forced to intervene with a post in response to a very serious episode that saw her as a protagonist. Here’s what she is all about and what her words were about her strong outburst on Instagram.

Teresanna Pugliese on Instagram unleashes herself and responds to the haters

The poison comments that affect models and influencers on social media about their physical appearance do not subside. Just like Clizia Incorvaia a few days ago, this time Teresanna Pugliese on Instagram was forced to intervene for a not very nice comment that was seen coming under one of her last shots of her. Among the many comments of approval, there are those of the actress Sandra Milo and Clizia Incorvaia, together with Federica Calemme and the curvy model Elisa D’Ospina. In the photo in question, the influencer appears wearing orange sunglasses and a black triangle bikini.

Her slender physique appears as always, however, some have considered her unsuitable to wear that type of bathing suit. If her legs were contested by Paolo Ciavarro’s partner, this time it was the Neapolitan’s breast, not perfectly firm and in line with the standards established by the user in question. The woman felt compelled to reply in a historical moment in which the offenses to her body can create unimaginable consequences. “You are ghosts without reality, you are lost souls”. These are some of the harsh words of Pugliese that testify to a profound disappointment and resignation after an offense that came out of nowhere and without any kind of foundation.

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