“This is what she did when I offered her a dress”

Amanda Wakeley remembers the times when Diana Spencer dressed the People’s Princess. Here’s what she says about Lady D.

In a few days the English world will relive a terrible mourning. On August 31, Lady Diana Spencer was the victim of a very bad car accident in the streets of Paris that took her life in seconds. That day still remains in the memory of many especially because there were many paparazzi and journalists who showed up outside the building where two young princes, William and Harry were waiting for the body of her mother. The press was considered Diana’s “murderer” even though many, to the Queen’s non-emotion, began to doubt that the royal family was completely unrelated to the events that took place in France. Diana was the first woman of the English monarchy who divorced a Prince and who managed very well to attract all the spotlight on herself.

Amanda Wakeley, Diana Spencer’s stylist, remembers the People’s Princess

Some photos of the looks chosen by Diana still run on the web today and are very up-to-date. The woman has always had a lot of taste and there are many people who still take her looks as an example today, trying to recreate them. Amanda Wakeley was a much loved designer of the Princess of Wales. She said that the assistant director of British Vogue, Diana’s style consultant who particularly appreciated Wakeley’s talent, put her in touch with her Spencer. Amanda had opened her brand of hers for a little over 18 months when she expected to see the police and guards escorting the Princess. At her bell, however, only she knocked, Diana and the two burst out laughing.

Amanda has always called her style “clean and glam”. This pleased Diana very much, whom Amanda describes as a not at all demanding client, a member of the Royal Family who did not give herself airs. “She liked what I offered her nine times out of ten”, Amanda said recalling the afternoons in which together with Diana they chose the looks she would have shown off in the different events. Among the most iconic dresses that Amanda designed for Diana is the bottle green suit that she Diana wore the first time she appeared in public after her separation with Carlo. That suit, says Amanda, she decided to call it “power suit” because Diana was going through a very difficult period and she needed to feel gorgeous.

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