this vegetable is very useful for lowering sugar

Red onion is very useful in the treatment of patients with diabetes, with a lowering of blood sugar levels by more than 50%.

For those suffering from diabetes and therefore from blood sugar it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle, also dictated by nutrition. Together to drugs, in fact, these foods play a very important role in keeping blood sugar levels at the right levels.

Diabetes, this vegetable is very helpful in lowering sugar

Diabetes is a dangerous condition that creates an accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream which obviously creates very serious health problems in the long run. According to one study onion bulb extract would significantly lower high blood sugar and total cholesterol levels, all when the food is given with the antidiabetic drug metformin.

Diabetes and onion: what are the benefits

We know that the onion has many benefits for our health, having some anti anemic and antibacterial propertiesally of the kidneys and a natural antibiotic, promotes thelowering of blood sugar levels. The study highlighted that by administering the drug metformin and variable doses of onion extract, positive effects of the drug could be observed.

Onion and blood sugars
Onion and blood sugars

The research also shifted to two groups, one non-diabetic and one diabetic, who received neither metformin or onion extract. Two other groups, one with diabetes, one without, received only metformin and no onion extract. By subjecting the two groups to analyzes, it emerged that two doses of onion extractthey have reduced blood sugar levels respectively 50% and 35%.

The question arises spontaneously. Why does onion have these effects on those with diabetes? The answer is that the peel and outer layers of the onion are rich in dietary fiber and flavonoids. So let’s remember never to throw away the outer layer of the onion, since its benefits and the many properties contained in it are a real panacea for our health and especially for those suffering from diabetes.

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