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Our body, to testify to a good or a bad state of health, presents signals especially on three specific areas.

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In most cases, just keep an eye out three areas in particular of our body to know the state of health. In these three exposed areas, in fact, the signs of a bad state of health are almost always highlighted, symptoms that immediately direct us to certain pathologies or physical problems.

Various ailments, stress, pain, flu symptoms and much more, they reveal themselves in three places of the body, and almost always coincide with the mouth, eyes and oral cavity. It is necessary to always keep an eye on the areas of the face, noting if there are strange patinas, dark circles, lacerations or other.

The signals on the three areas of the body that indicate the state of health

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One of the most affected areas, in case of illness, is the mouth. For example, if you notice lacerations in the corners of the lips, inflammation or fissures, this is a symptom of a general malaise of our body. This indicates a state of dry skin or psychophysical stress.

The body, in this case, could be attacked by viruses, fungi, infections and bacteria, but not only, as it could testify to an iron deficiency or a lack of vitamins, in particular vitamins B2, B12 and vitamin E. corners of the mouth are too long, better get checked by your doctor.

In fact, other disorders and diseases are also connected to these symptoms, such as diabetes, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, or some allergies. As for the oral cavity, one must also carefully check the tongue, another area very exposed to ailments. Normally, a healthy tongue is pink, sprinkled with a light whitish coating, which is nothing more than food residues and harmless germs.

Health passes mainly through three parts of the body

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But when the patina is really noticeable and of another complexion, you may be prone to some ailments. For example, a very thick white coating could indicate seasonal flu, with a cold, cough or gastrointestinal upset, but also pancreatic infections.

If the patina is yellowish, however, it could be a fungal infection, or indicate liver disorders. If it is bright red, it is either a symptom of scarlet fever, a vitamin B12 deficiency or simply an infection. A brown patina indicates intestinal or kidney problems, if gray an iron deficiency or anemia, if black fungal or bacterial infections, problems with the intestinal flora and, in the most serious cases, leukemia.

Finally, a bluish patina could indicate lung disease. The third area that witnesses our health is linked to the eye area. Puffy and red eyes, dark circles, irritation, can indicate lack of sleep, alcohol abuse or an incorrect vision style. Otherwise, these symptoms may indicate nutritional deficiencies, or liver or kidney disease, but also too high blood pressure or metabolic disturbances.

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