Three meters of motion and in 400 meters you go at 467 km / h! [VIDEO VIRALE] – News

The feat of this 60-year-old rider: his bike has neither accelerator nor brakes

September 14, 2022

Lman you see in this video is Eric Teboula 60-year-old French driver with numerous speed records in many two-wheeled disciplines.

What you see is his last performance before retirement. He is participating in the European Drag Racing Finals 2022 which took place last weekend on the acceleration track of Santa Pod Raceway (UK).

Teboul got on his for the last time spectacular bike Which size nearly three meters long and is operated by a simple but effective rocket engine which uses a fuel derived from hydrogen peroxide refined by Teboul himself.

This engine is capable of developing enough energy to launch the bike a over 450 km / h in just 400 meters, in short a rocket.

The motorbike it does not have a knob to accelerateTeboul has to flip a switch that triggers a reaction which transforms hydrogen peroxide into water vapor e fires like a missile.

Caution: the only way to stop the bike is running out of fuel, so you have to accurately calculate the amount to put in the tank.

Teboul threw himself twice: in the first completed a quarter mile (400 meters) in 5.06 seconds and reached a speed of 263 mph (423 km per hour).

In the second attempt, the official one, he shot down for the first time there 5 second barrier in the fourth mile stopping the stopwatch in 4.97 seconds and slightly exceeding i 467 km / h.

For comparison: a MotoGP bike covers the same distance in about 8.5 seconds.


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