Tiziano Ferro: “I will not give my children an Italian passport because it excludes my husband”

Tiziano Ferro talks about the launch of his new single titled The splendid lifeborn from the collaboration with Brunori Sas And Dimartinoand part of the album Our world. In an interview with Rolling Stone the Latina singer also revealed many little-known aspects of his dad life. “In 2019 I started a long journey to have Margherita pizza And Andresit was certainly not a walk in the park, I can’t tell you which way, but the truth is that any road is tiring ”.

In the United States, where Tiziano Ferro has been living for several years now, same-parent couples do not encounter the same problems as our country and in fact the two children of Titian they do not yet have an Italian passport: “Today, if I want to bring my children into Italy, I know they would be entitled to half the parental supervision, even if there are two people who can take care of them. If they are sick, only I can go to the emergency room because my husband Victor Allen it does not appear in the passport, which is an aberrant thing ”.

And he continues: “Beyond agreeing or not, morals, a sense of guilt built at the table, I have always thought that my rights take nothing away from those of others. Then when this thing takes a face, which is that of your children, that’s when it hurts you. For this reason I have not yet made them an Italian passport even if they are entitled to it. Maybe I’ll do it later, or they will. In fact, they would only have disadvantages to get them in with an Italian passport, while as Americans I am calm. I know that, if I come on tour, Victor he can take care of them… It may seem stupid, but instead it makes me suffer to death ”.

And then Iron spoke of the postponement of the concerts of his tour, postponed due to Covid: “When I canceled the tour I gave the right to a refund, risking losing all the tickets. Instead, today I find myself with 330 thousand tickets already sold when there is still a year left: that is the thing that gives me crazy strength “. The new album by Iron, Our worldwill arrive on November 11th.


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