To all Pinto: “The players come to Roma because they feel that something is changing. Zaniolo is never close to saying goodbye.” And to RN: “I’ll do everything to fix Coric and Bianda”

As has already happened in the past, Tiago Pinto revealed the background of this summer market session. The Giallorossi general manager spoke at 2 pm at the Fulvio Bernardini sports center in Trigoria, responding to the curiosities of the reporters. In this window, the Giallorossi, in addition to Belotti, brought Svilar, Celik, Matic, Camara, Dybala and Wijnaldum to the capital.

The press conference

Sky: It was a great transfer, give the coach an instant team. Is it time to take responsibility for saying that this team has a duty to fight for the Scudetto?
I thank the people who worked with me. The team is better, this was my goal. Roma are stronger, I disagree with instant-team. We have always given space to young people, we are the 4th youngest squad in Serie A. But we also need experience. Our greatest value is Mourinho’s leadership, he made good players become great players, he made a growth process with young people. We brought even better players. We expect to do better than last year. It’s not that we want to hide. But I find it hard to think about May since we are in September. Maybe the market affects 80% of sporting success for you, but not for us. We have to believe we can win.

Corriere dello Sport: For the third year this company has not sold the best. One of these Zaniolo, how close has he been to the sale with Tottenham and how will you manage the next step?
Zaniolo was never close to starting. Nicolò, as I explained, had to recover from two difficult years. This season he has shown that he is even better, it has never been a problem. He’s fine, he’s happy, he helped us a lot. Now he has to recover from the injury and thirty minutes ago I called Vigorelli to start planning the meetings for the renewal because it is not possible to feed all these newspapers.

La Gazzetta dello Sport: Are you worried about the sanctions of Financial Fair Play or the fact that UEFA can do two things?
The club will have time to talk about it, it is too serious a topic. The FFP was created to help clubs, not harm them. What I have in mind is the Friedkin project, and financial sustainability is very important. We have walked this path. We cannot tie the millions to quality. We need to improve the team in every transfer window. Roma had a heavy legacy and we have a path to take to create this sustainability. I want to try to create a meritocratic basis in the team. I hope that the stakes of the FFP can disappear in the coming years. The next Roma sporting director will have an easier life than mine.

Il Tempo: UEFA wants the team to cost 90% of revenues. Is this goal achieved?
I don’t want to turn this conference into an FFP conference. It’s not an excuse for me, it’s our goal. The market as it has been conducted brings us closer to our objectives. Because when clubs sign settlement agreements we are talking about 4-year contracts. We have to be good at finding the right solutions with limitations. It is not normal in the last 10 years that Roma have managed to sell more than buy. If we have done it now, we are closer. It is not true that we have gone further in the mount of wages, quite the contrary. We have reduced the amount of wages. I will never come here to say that we have not improved on the financial stakes. Doing the ds today is more difficult than 10 years ago. Today we have to understand different economic and legal realities. I am happy, I think we have done an interesting job.

Il Messaggero: Among the first people mentioned in this conference is Mourinho, it is not easy to bring players like Dybala, Matic on a free transfer …
In my opinion it is essentially due to the property and to Mourinho. It’s a property that doesn’t talk much, but has the right ideas for the club. Today the existing image of Rome is more fascinating. There is no doubt that Mourinho’s role in our ability to attract players is different from other coaches. It would be stupid not to exploit Mourinho. He doesn’t even have the generational problem. There are 20-year-olds who dream of being trained by him. It is a collective effort, but I have no doubt that those who came here did it for Mourinho as well. During all the negotiations he is aware of everything, it is my way of working.

Corriere della Sera: A demanding market in arrivals but above all in sales. Which aspect gave you the most difficulty and what grade do you give this year?
Of course people are enthusiastic about those who arrive, but our work also focuses on those who leave. Yesterday while we were eating pizza we did 57 operations. I am not totally satisfied with some releases. Some players who went out on loan could have sold it. Vote? I was naive last year, and I was made fun of. Maybe after Tirana the vote was there. But this season I won’t. I don’t work for my individual protagonism. I don’t need hustlers to get a great grade. Football changes. Today we are phenomenal, tomorrow we are scarce. There are times when you all thought that I made a masterpiece and I was dissatisfied, and sometimes the opposite ”.

Il Romanista: Perhaps a missing piece is an adjustment in defense… and then I would like to understand how you lived the external pressures and those of Mourinho with the photos and the jokes?
I am young, but I have experienced many things. I have three people who put pressure on me in life, my mother, my sister and my father. Even if someone legitimately wants to write otherwise, I have a great relationship with Mourinho. We are a family, I do not comment on Mourinho’s words, it is difficult to be a coach. We have always done things together, I often needed him. Things went well. I don’t work much with pressure, people who know me know that to get me to do things you need positivity. I don’t read the press, and I don’t say it out of arrogance. The defence? Again, I don’t want to hide anything. I think it’s obvious, if we play three-handed we could have had an extra defender. In the end we didn’t succeed. In the team we will have solutions, perhaps not ideal, but there is. We have quality players who can play other roles. Last season he showed, as with Zalewski, that when he serves he finds solutions. We have players who can play defense. We have made a lot of effort, things are more complicated.

Rete Sport: It was possible to spend 30 million for Frattesi, then it turned to zero parameters. Why did this happen?
It is a smart question. We have a sports strategy and a financial strategy. The team needs these things to improve, and then they need a financial way to get there. With all the stakes there are, things go together. Who enters and who leaves. The market lasts three months, patience is needed. But I realized that the exits would be complicated, and therefore they would make the entrances difficult. The situations were tied up. Wijnaldum arrives, Vereotut leaves. Felix leaves, Belotti arrives. The moment I realized we were going to have a hard time selling, I didn’t want to compromise the company. Creative solutions help us now, but then someone pays them. We have changed the financial strategy. Frattesi? He is my favorite in Serie A, excluding ours. He will be one of the strongest midfielders. I go to a club, I ask, the owner asks what he wants, I have to respect. Two things are important to me: I don’t use the press to negotiate. There are times when it seemed that the negotiation was on one side only. The truth is that Sassuolo has a great sporting project, Frattesi is a great player, but we didn’t manage to negotiate, I’m a bit German in the negotiations, I don’t spend a month for two or three million.

Radio Radio: Does Solbakken fit into the perspective of financial sustainability?
I had expected question about the renewals and about January. It is not true that Roma has increased the amount of wages, I would like to clarify this. If Olsen and Fuzato leave and Svilar arrives, the salary does not increase. Solbakken? I thought he signed. If he didn’t, let’s try.

Tele Radio Stereo: There is talk of player renewals, are you thinking of leaving?
I am happy here. I had not prepared this (laughs, ed). To come here I left the great love of my life, Benfica. I have a harmony with ownership and coach that moves me. Ideas move me. When I talked about Roma’s next ds, it’s because our work will make everything more flexible. But I don’t need to renew now. I have a contract until 2024. No one has any doubts about my future.

Giallorossa voice: You slipped away a bit when it came to merits. Which was the purchase that satisfied you the most and when it comes to regrets which is the greatest?
My regret is in the disposals. I try to be methodical, we prepare things well but in the end you know that football is a commercial activity where the players are the boss. You can have great strategies, but if players don’t want to go where you planned, they don’t. My regret is in the outgoings and in the entrances. Every deal has a story. Sometimes it’s a story where we go further on an emotional level. When I have to stay 3-4 days in a hotel room in Turin to bring Dybala it is not a simple thing, but it is difficult to say which one I liked the most. I have heard that all the players have lost money to come to Rome. And that means something. The players have understood that something is being born here.

ROMANEWS: The transfer market closed yesterday but there are players without a contract, like Zagadou … And there are still Coric and Bianda
Calm down, I never give up. We need to fix these two situations. They are two guys who are somewhat victims of a context from the past. We have not found solutions so far, but I hope to find it. Zagadou? There are so many expiring, this market will make some history on this strategy. We talk about it in the future.

ForzaRoma: Can you explain Belotti’s contract?
We were creative, out of necessity. The important thing is that the players accept, it means that they feel happy. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 + 2 or that, to you, it might seem bad for the player out there, but it’s not. I’m sure Belotti is happy here. He will play for many years in Rome. He made an effort to come here. The contract will never be a problem. I would like to ask for the renewals of Cristante and Spinazzola
If I’m not mistaken last year I was asked that with Tammy then we had to do 6 renewals. After a year we talk about the same thing. It is a topic that will be discussed at the right time. Cristante knows what society and I think of him. I think he will stay a long time. He is a great player and a professional. BUT now let me rest a little. It was heavy.

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