Tomaso Trussardi in love again? Michelle Hunziker’s ex comes out

Spotlight of the web focused on Tomaso Trussardi who apparently would be in love again after the farewell to Michelle Hunziker. Who is the lucky woman?

See a beautiful love story like the one between Tomaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker it was a blow to many fans of the famous couple, who today follow them with bated breath in an attempt to understand how their life continues as separated.

There are really many fans hoping to see the couple get back together, but apparently as in the case of the Swiss showgirl, too Trussardi may have found a new love.

Does Tomaso Trussardi fall in love again?

This is the new rumors that he sees as the undisputed protagonist Tomaso Trussardi and his first summer as a single without him by his side Michelle Hunziker. The Swiss showgirl would return single after the farewell to Giovanni Angioni, while Tomaso Trussardi could currently be happily in love.

It was to launch the rumors Deianira Marzano who shared on her Instagaram page a report that she wants Tomaso Trussardi on vacation with Ariadna Romeroas well as former partner of Pierpaolo Petrelli, successful actress and model.

Michelle Hunziker’s ex isn’t hiding anymore?

The gossip in question has spread in no time, but later it was Deianira Marzano herself who denied the news regarding a possible love story between Tomaso Trussardi and Ariadna Romeroas the two currently wouldn’t even be in the same location.

Michelle Hunziker’s ex-husbandapparently, he would be in the heart of Capri where he is spending his summer holidays but, at least for the moment, it is not clear whether Tomaso Trussardi is alone or in sweet company as rumored by various rumors. The entrepreneur, after the end of the marriage with the showgirl, apparently, prefers to keep the maximum confidentiality of him on his private life.

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