Tonight Everything is Possible: Stefano De Martino leaves again with Rocco Siffredi and the ‘dark room’

Tonight Everything is Possible: Stefano De Martino leaves again with Rocco Siffredi and the ‘dark room’

Siffredi and De Martino

Skipped Sing Sing Singto Everything is Possible tonight touches to do an encore. A few months after the last and successful edition, the program conducted by Stefano De Martino back on Monday 26 September at 9.20 pm. Confirmed alongside the host, also in this eighth season: Biagio Izzo, Francesco Paolantoni (exceptionally absent in the first episode) and the imitator Vincenzo De Luciawho, at the debut, will imitate Milly Carlucci and Sandra Milo.

The theme of the first appointment will be “Everyone to school”And on the stage of the Rai Auditorium in Naples they will go up Rocco Siffredi, Andrea Pucci, Nathalie Guetta, Herbert Ballerina, Valeria Graci, Giovanni Esposito and Claudia Napolitano. There are many tests and games in which everyone will have to try their hand, starting with the inevitable Inclined Room, with improvised sketches on its 22.5 degree inclined floor. Among the other games of the first episode there will also be Step Burger, Stand behind me dance, Lip follow, Cordless mime and Do re hurts me.

To the classics will be added The dark room, a room visible only thanks to infrared cameras that can be used as a penance for some of the guests who will lose the challenges during the various games. The only rule of this show remains unchanged: have fun.

Based on the format created by Satisfaction the Television Agency and licensed by Banijay Rights. Tonight everything is possible is a program written by Stefano Santucci, Paolo Mariconda, Gian Luca Belardi, Riccardo Cassini, Annalisa Montaldo, Marco Pantaleo, Esther Rem Picci, Francesco Ricchi, Stefano Sarcinelli. Directed by Sergio Colabona.

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