Totti-Blasi, the separation from Ilary and the legal strategies of Francesco (who chose Bernardini de Pace) –

from Giovanna Cavalli

Totti enlists Annamaria Bernardini de Pace in her defensive team while Ilary is assisted by Alessandro Simeone, for years the right arm of the matrimonialista. The best way to avoid conflicts

Now it gets serious. There is a complicated one separation to face and Francesco Totti has already made his first move. Like a goal after sixty seconds. In agreement with the historic lawyer Antonio Conte, who has been following and advising him for over twenty years, the former number 10 of Rome has decided to enlist the famous Milanese wedding expert in his defense team Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, a tough nut to crack, very knowledgeable in matters of marital disputes and disputes. It looked like a gossip (launched by Novella 2000), but very true. The personal intertwining e assets between Totti and Ilary Blasi there are many and difficult to dissolve, maybe a press release (moreover separate, and this already suggested many things) could be enough to close 17 years of marriage, life and economic interests in common: real estate, company shares , equity investments, investments.

Also because the relations between the parties they are at an all-time low. Therefore the choice to co-opt Annamaria Bernardini de Pace doubly strategic. First of all because, while Rome remains the main forum, Milan also becomes crucial, since in the last five or six years the private and professional life of Ilary Blasi in fact, perhaps it will remain there in the near future: work, friendships, acquaintances, on which, they say, there is still a lot to discover. And therefore we needed a lawyer expert in this different reality, especially in the entertainment world. And the surname Bernardini de Pace a guarantee. In addition, the lawyer Alessandro Simeone, who assists the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi, was for years the right hand of Bernardini de Pace. So the two know each other well, they esteem each other, they are on excellent terms. And this could help make the cause of separation less conflictual. In fact, there is still hope of reaching a consensual agreement, which would save both the contenders time and poisons.

At least this would be the desire of Totti, who would like to avoid a long war, for the sake of his three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. But it is not clear whether the same applies to Ilary, who since the first day she became an ex – that is 11 July – has preferred to postpone the problems and indulge in a very long vacationdocumented minute by minute on Instagram (Monday evening, just returned to the capitalshe was having dinner with her hairdresser friend Alessia Solidani in a Japanese restaurant with a view of roofs and domes, in an orange micro-top with marab edges and a Chanel handbag) with increasingly more provocative treat yourself to his more than 2 million IG followers.

A perhaps deliberately provocative attitude towards the never dethroned Giallorossi captain, who might have preferred more discretion. And that, despite the constant gossip about him and Noemi Bocchihe never uttered a word, disappeared from social networks, firm and good a Sabaudia (apart from some brief escape from Noemi, on vacation at Circeo, documented by the photos of the weekly Who). But not willing to wait indefinitely. And to endure whatever. To pass for her unfaithful husband when she knows that the reason for the incurable marriage crisis between him and Ilary is not Noemi Bocchi, but other. And not from him.

Little but sure that, if Ilary insisted on moving to Milan, maybe with little Isabel, Francis would oppose with all his strength. He doesn’t even want to hear about it. Or if, as in the air, Ilary were to go and let off steam in the living room of very true from her dear friend Silvia Toffanin (on the weekend of 17 and 18 September), then the consensual would become a no longer viable utopia. Totti would be forced to speak out about her publicly. By thread and by sign. And he would go to court in Rome for judicial separation. Calculating that just to have a first hearing could take five months, the lawsuit would last up to three years. And it wouldn’t be a walk in the meadows.

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