Transport, in Puglia the experimentation of magnetic levitation trains. Giovannini: “Italy looks to the future”

The experimentation in the field of railway mobility with cutting-edge technologies that will speed up transport systems, even with magnetic levitation vehicles, lower travel times and reduce the environmental impact of travel, including through the use of renewable energy sources. This is the objective of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Infrastructures, the Puglia Region, the Italian Railway Network (RFI), Ferrovie dello Stato and the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea-Port of Taranto.

In particular, the protocol provides for the study and experimentation in rail transport of magnetic levitation systems, both overlapping existing infrastructures and creating new infrastructures that would allow the transport of goods and people at very high speed.

The project involves the implementation of advanced feasibility studies for the use of magnetic levitation technologies in rail transport, the development of first phase technical-economic feasibility projects and the construction of prototypes.

The allocation is four million euros overall, of which 1.8 million come from the coffers of the Region, another 1.8 million from RFI and 400 thousand euros from the Port Authority of Taranto, in order to cover the costs of the various phases of the project up to the realization of prototypes and experimentation in the field.

The minister

“The signed protocol, which allows for the first time the experimentation in the railway sector of latest generation technologies, such as magnetic levitation trains, demonstrates that, alongside the unprecedented investments in the development of sustainable mobility systems financed thanks to the NRP and funds national markets, Italy looks to the future and is at the forefront of technological development applied to sustainable mobility, guaranteeing maximum safety “, says the Minister of Infrastructures, Enrico Giovanninias reported in a note from the Region.

“The agreement – adds the owner of the Transport – follows the one already signed with the Veneto Region and the Veneto motorway concessions (Cav) for the start of the experimentation of Hyper Transfer on the road. We want Italy to be at the forefront of development of cutting-edge technologies that also open the way to possible developments in the industrial field and positive employment effects for our country “.


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