Trenord commuters find the most expensive tickets. In Europe measures to lower prices, in Lombardy they are adjusted to inflation

After i disservices (see Milan railway link closed for weeks), upon returning from holidays i Lombard commuters they met with the tickets of the train more expensive than before. And the increases have also taken place in recent weeks for those who move to bus in various cities, such as Mantua, Cremona, Brescia and Bergamo. TO Milanon the other hand, the increase of the ordinary ticket from 2 to 2.20 euros it was frozen throughout September and October. In November, after the elections, we’ll see. But it is unlikely that the Milanese will dodge itsince this increase, like the others, is the update of the tariffs based to inflation, update allowed by national legislation. And as inflation is skyrocketing this year, price increases are making themselves felt more than usual.

For those traveling on the trains of Trenordfrom 1 September they increased by 3.82% ordinary travel tickets, single journeys and season tickets and1.91% integrated titles such as ‘I travel in Lombardy’, ‘I travel in the province’ and ‘Trenocittà’. For the railway company, half owned by the regional subsidiary Fnm and for half of Trenitaliathe increases are a direct consequence of the regional resolution which was approved this summer by the Region, as has happened every year since 2014. The resolution establishes the maximum limit the adjustment to the inflation index applicable to all local public transport (LPT) contracts, by road and rail. The roof was set this year at 7.64% and then translated downwards on Trenord tickets, by virtue of the deductions applied on the basis of the quality objectives of the service not achieved from the company. The increases on regional trains, in essence, were lower than they could have been thanks to continuous disservices which during the year harassed commuters.

As for the busbetween the provisions of the regional resolution and the increase in tickets there is an intermediate step: that of the basin agencies of the Tpl, who decide whether to apply and how to spread the increases allowed on the various types of tickets and season tickets. So, if in Bergamo the urban ticket valid for 75 minutes has passed from 1.3 to 1.5 euroswith an increase of 15%in Milan for the moment the increase from 20 cents expected was frozen. But to deal with the failure to comply with the Istat indices, it was estimated that they are needed from 15 to 17 million euros. If they are not in the folds of the municipality’s budget and the region does not want to put them there, all that remains is to hope for some intervention by the new government that goes beyond the bonus from 60 euros for the subscriptions provided for by the Aid decree for those who do not exceed a certain income threshold.

Otherwise the tickets are intended for increase not only in Milan, but also in the rest of Italy, which will be found even more distant from countries that in times of energy and climate crisis have decided to favor public transport lowering it the costs for users, rather than raising them. As the Spainwhere from 1 September until the end of the year the cost of season tickets and tickets for local and medium-distance routes controlled by the State will be refunded entirely. Or like the Germanywhere in the three summer months the symbolic price of nine euros per month.

In Italy, on the other hand, the increases linked to inflation have already been defined in others four regions in addition to Lombardy. According to a survey of Sun 24 hourshave also approved the price adjustment resolution allowed by the national law Piedmont, Campania, Marche And Puglia. In Turin, for example, since the beginning of July the integrated metropolitan ticket, valid within the first belt on the urban and suburban network, on the underground and on the Trenitalia and Gtt railway lines, has passed from 2.70 to 3.50 euros, while the simple ticket to move around the city remained unchanged at 1.70 euros. TO Naples from 1 August the simple urban Anm race has risen to 1.2 euros, with an increase of 10 cents. In the Marche, the increases were modulated on the basis of the kilometric range, up to a maximum of15%but at the moment they have not yet been applied by local transport companies.


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