Trump appeals against the FBI blitz: “Illegal and unconstitutional” –

from Paolo Foschi

The former president is likely to end up on trial for crimes related to espionage for taking top-secret documents from the White House

The legal offensive of Donald Trump versus the FBI blitz in Mar-a-Lago and the operation is immediately framed in an electoral key. The federal raid, according to what the former president said illustrating a memory presented in Florida, it was “illegal and unconstitutional. We are taking the necessary steps to get the documents back, which would have been delivered without the despicable raid. I will never stop fighting for the Americans ». Trump also pointed out that the motion to the Florida courthouse it was filed “to enforce my values ​​on the unnecessary FBI raid.”

The lawyers who are following the appeal have also intervened on the matter. “The intervention of the FBI it has been dictated by politics “and” politics cannot be allowed to have an impact on justice. President Trump is clearly the frontrunner for the Republican primaries for 2024 and for the general elections of 2024 in case he decides to run. Beyond this, his endorsements in the 2022 mid-term elections were decisive for the Republican candidates ». Trump’s lawyers have asked for the appointment of a `special master´ for the examination of documents searched by the FBI a Mar-a-Lago. A very delicate game is being played on the collected material, Trump is likely to end up on trial for crimes related to espionage. The former president claims that these are documents “Declassified” and that therefore they could be taken away by him from the White House. The FBI instead would have intervened because in the boxes there would be top secret material concerning very delicate issues such as politics on nuclear weapons. Furthermore, according to many American law experts, the former president even when he was in office did not have the power to declassify those types of documents. And – again – many wonder: why Trump felt the need to take that mass of documents away from White House? According to the New York Times, the former president kept more than 300 confidential documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence. The amount of documents in possession of Trump “It helps explain why the Justice Department has moved so urgently to hunt down any additional classified material that may be in its possession.”

The issue is likely to hold sway for months, just the same republican front it is split on the line to follow, even if Trump’s loyalists they are determined not to let go of the former president. Others, however, are worried about the turn that the affair could take.

August 23, 2022 (change August 23, 2022 | 03:28)

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