Trump, secret acts in Mar-a-Lago The identity of 007- is at risk

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The classified documents were mixed with newspapers and personal correspondence. This was revealed by the affidavit released by the US Justice Department

Fourteen of the 15 boxes Donald Trump returned in January from his Mar-a-Lago Florida residence to the National Archives and Records Administration contained classified documents, which were mixed with various newspapers, magazines and personal correspondence. why that the FBI has asked to proceed with the 8 August search in Mar-a-Lago and to reveal the affidavit that was released by the US Department of Justice, that is the sworn statement that the Bureau presented to the judge to obtain the search warrant of the Trump property.

The 32-page version made public contains numerous omissions: to ensure the safety of witnesses and agents, as well as the integrity of the ongoing investigation. The affidavit explains that a search in Mar-a-Lago was necessary due to the highly sensitive material that was found in the boxes recovered from the National Archives, that Trump had not returned for months after leaving the White House.

The government is conducting a criminal investigation into the improper removal and storage of confidential information in unauthorized spaces, as well as the illegal concealment or removal of government documents, says an FBI agent on the first page of the affidavit to obtain from the judge the ok to a search warrant.

Documents previously made public showed that the FBI in the August search had recovered from the Trump property in Florida 11 sets of classified documents, including information marked as top secret. The affidavit does not provide new details on these 11 series, but instead refers to a separate group of 15 boxes that the National Archives and Records Administration recovered in January from the estate of the former US president, where there was no authorized space for the storage of classified material: according to the affidavit, 184 documents marked as classified had been recovered from Mar-a-Lago, including 25 marked as top secret.

The officers who inspected the boxes found reports relating to information provided by confidential sources, as well as information related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. All elements that have exposed Trump to new legal dangers, just as he lays the groundwork for another presidential race in 2024. But the former American president shouts at the plot: I haven’t done anything wrong. We were essentially attacked. We have been violated. They opened the safes, they brought in the burglars, she said again on her social Truth about her.

As for the current US president, Joe Biden, shortly before the publication of the affidavit he had replied this way to those who asked him if he believes that national security has been compromised in Mar-a-Lago by his predecessor: We will let the Department of Justice determine.

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