Twitter, the accusations of the former head of security in the US Senate: “It puts national security at risk” – The video

There mole of Twitter spoke: “The shortcomings of society put national security at risk.” Today, September 13, the former security officer of the company Peiter Zatko was questioned by the Justice Commission of Senate US regarding its earlier claims that Twitter would have “serious shortcomings” in terms of safety And privacy. Zatko’s testimony comes on a pivotal day for Twitter. Today Twitter shareholders approved the offer of purchase of Elon Musk $ 44 billion. This is what he reports Bloomberg which mentions the preliminary counting of votes. Zatko, known throughout the world cyber how Mudgeon 6 July he presented a exposed to report the company to the Sec (Security and Exchange commission), the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade commission and some members of Congress. According to the allegations of him, Twitter would be a chaotic society as well without rudderunable to properly protect the data of his 238 million daily users, including government agencies and heads of state. In his testimony, Zatko reiterated what has already been said: the leadership Twitter allegedly “ignored” the warnings of the engineers, but above all he would always give priority to «i profits rather than security “.

The story

The former security officer said that when he joined the Twitter team, “the company was ten years behind on some essential aspects of safety and it wasn’t making significant progress. It was like a time bomb. ‘ Zatko allegedly presented the safety concerns repeatedly to the highest levels of society and only after they remained unheard he would have decided to go to the authorities. “For 30 years my mission has been to make the better and safer world. I joined Twitter because I believed that with my skills I could significantly improve user security in the United States and around the world. Experience has taught me that making big changes to improve safety is difficult. Indeed, foreign exchange meets with opposition from those who profit from the status quo. But it was clear to me that Jack Dorsey (former Twitter CEO, ed) was at the forefront of change and that’s why I accepted the challenge to Twitter, ”he explained. At the conclusion of his testimony, the Republican senator Chuck Grassley he said: “If the allegations are true, I don’t see you as the CEO Parag Agrawal can keep his post ». Agrawal had been invited to the hearing but refused to take part.

The exposed

In his complaint Zatko accused the former employer of having violated the user data protection agreement signed in 2011 with the Federal Trade Commission (theauthority for telecommunications companies), of having misled the authorities on the identification and removal of fake accounts or spamincluding those that could be used for foreign interference and the disinformationnot to delete the data of users who leave the platform and to have agents of intelligence foreigners on the payroll. Twitter, in response to the allegations made by Zatko, who had been fired last January “for leadership ineffective and underperforming, ‘argued that they were only designed for harm society.

Twitter vs Elon Musk

Some sources have reported to Reuters that a majority of shareholders would vote for approve the agreement, but the official results have yet to be announced. An acquisition that remains in any case stand-bysince after the signing of the agreement the patron of Tesla attempted to withdraw the offer from 44 billion dollarsaccusing Twitter of having altered data on the amount of fake accounts on the platform. Oral allegations of Zatko could represent an even more blow to Twitter – which next month will bring Elon Musk to court for force him to conclude the deal – because last week a judge of the Delaware determined that the entrepreneur may include statements of the former security officer in his case against the social company. Musk’s tweet commenting on the question is emblematic: a popcorn basket.

Cover image: Peiterz Zatko is sworn in before the US Senate Justice Committee in Washington (Sarah Silbiger for CNN)

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