Two Russians and a Ukrainian were arrested in Albania on suspicion of spying in an arms factory

Two Russian citizens – a woman and a man – and a Ukrainian citizen were arrested during what is suspected to be a failed espionage raid on a weapons factory in Gramsh, in central Albania, about 80 km from Tirana. : the Albanian Ministry of Defense reported on Sunday in a statement, specifying that the case is being dealt with by the military and civil police, the secret services and the anti-terrorism forces.

Two guards were injured in the operation: when he was caught taking photos in the factory, to try to escape, the Russian citizen attacked the soldiers with a neuroparalizing spray. The Russian woman and the Ukrainian man, on the other hand, were arrested outside the complex: all three were arrested.

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has made it known that the three foreign citizens are “suspected of espionage” but for the moment he has not provided much information about them: the Russian citizen, identified with the initials MZ, is 24 years old, the Russian citizen , identified with the initials ST, has 33, the Ukrainian citizen, identified as FA, has 25. On TwitterRama wished the wounded soldiers a speedy recovery and hoped for a quick clarification of the matter.

Until the fall of communism in Albania, the Gramsh factory, opened in 1962, produced AK-47 or Kalashnikov assault rifles; now it no longer produces, but is used to dismantle disused or badly maintained weapons, and for the maintenance and repair of those currently in use by the army.

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