Uefa-Roma pact: the Giallorossi must reduce the cost / income ratio to 70%, risk of stopping the market

Yesterday was a very busy day for the Rome between the press conference of Tiago Pinto and the decisions ofUefa concerning the Financial Fair Play. The Giallorossi team, as well as Inter, Juventus And Milanis forced to pay a fine and respect certain parameters for the next 4 years.

Objective to heal the previous for the Friedkin

There Romeafter having signed a four-year settlement argeement, it will have to adapt to the new rules introduced byUefa for the Financial Fair Play. As Il Tempo recalls, now the Giallorossi club will have to look at the cost / income ratio with a percentage that will have to drop to 70%. Dan Friedkin, which is part of the ECA board, had an active role in writing the rules. From Trigoria have negotiated for a total fine of 35 million even if only 5 will be withheld immediately by theUefa with the proceeds ofEuropa League. There Rome it will have to comply with certain limits until 2027 with six-monthly monitoring, otherwise it will have a reduction in the lists and the payment of an additional 30 million fine. The greatest risk also concerns a possible stop to the market, as reported by La Repubblica, in the event that the requests of the European football association are not respected.

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