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The last time mortgage rates were this high, above 6%, was at the heart of the 2008 subprime crisis, when the United States was already in deep recession.

So the more the mortgage payments increase, the more consumption collapses, the perfect mix to stop inflation.

On average only since the beginning of the year, the mortgage payment has increased by about 40%, going from 1700 dollars to 2300, with peaks close to 2500.

We will go well above $ 2600, not bad really!

Rental prices have also risen rapidly this year, rising mortgage costs tipping the balance in favor of renting for many Americans.

Collapse of real wages, continuous rise in rental and house prices, especially mortgages, collapse in the value of investments from bond to equity markets with the collapse of crypto, and certainly there is no risk of recession

Rest assured there is no risk, everything is fine, a president of the United States, a treasury secretary who had been a central banker and of course Powell, the current central banker, tell you this, a marvel, Guys.

But look, they made the markets go up and then collapse them two days up and in two days everything was eaten back. Between yesterday and the day before yesterday, American natural gas went from plus 10 to minus ten in less than 24 hours!

The financial markets are serious, yes, for last-minute fools, come on gentlemen as the good Leopardi would say …

Stroll So I would still like if I had to relive, and so everyone. But this is a sign that the case, up to this year, has treated everyone badly. And it is clear that each is of the opinion that the evil that has touched him has been more or more weight than the good; if, as long as they get back the life they used to, with all its good and evil in him, no one would want to be born again. That life which is a beautiful thing is not the life that is known, but that which is not known; not the past life, but the future. With the new year, chance will begin to treat you and me and all the others well, and a happy life will begin. It is not true?

Salesperson We hope.

Stroll So show me the best almanac you have.

Salesperson Here, very illustrious. This is worth thirty sous.

Stroll Here’s thirty sous.

Salesperson Thank you, very illustrious: to see you again.

Almanacs, new almanacs; new lunar.

Greetings Guys, and keep an eye on your Almanacs, your wallets!

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