vaccines could go into trouble

The covid hasn’t disappeared yet. From the latest news, a new variant is gaining momentum. This would not only be more contagious but would overcome the barriers created by the vaccine. All the details.

Even the summer was linked to the very strong presence of Covid. The pandemic, in fact, did not go on vacation and has reported very high numbers. Which has also triggered some concern for the future. Now, however, the concern grows even more based on one new variant.

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This new scenario is raising the concern of many given the high numbers already forecast for the next inverse. This variant was reported in United States and it has already touched 6.3% of cases. Omicron 4.6 it is spreading to some states such as Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. In addition to the eastern and southern part of the country.

The variant was inserted by Cdc among those that worry. This shows a fairly high level of transmission and vaccines seem not to be entirely adequate. Precisely for this reason, the situation seems complex. Furthermore, a study showed how the covid can cause damage to brain functions. Let’s go and see all the details of this new variant.

Covid, Omicron 4.6 variant: characteristics and symptoms

According to what is reported in the NBC Sharon Welbel, this variant would have another mutation in spike protein. This, as we all know, provides a great help to the virus in inserting cells. Which leads her to have an advantage in the immune escape. It means, explains the doctor, that the variants allow the virus to escape vaccines. So, they are a kind of help.

There Omicron variant 4.6 it would contain a high infectious rate and many wonder that if having been positive previously it would allow immunity to this variant. Also from Dr. Sharon Welbel reveals that in all likelihood there will be no protection. Although natural immunity, she explains, will help protect us from the severe form.

At the moment, it is very difficult to unravel the complete picture of the symptoms. Omicron 4.6, in fact, it is an unknown but it shares many symptoms with respect to the previous forms. Again there may be fever, cough, respiratory problems, fatigue, vomiting, loss of taste and smell and many more. The most reported were cough, congestion, runny nose and fatigue.

As we see, the covid situation is far from over. The new variant seems to be gaining ground in the United States. An even more complex scenario since it seems there may be one new wave of Covid since October. In short, we will see how this new variant will evolve and if it will arrive in Italy. Of course, the alert is always maximum and soon to discover the new indications of the government.

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