Valeria Cardone and the eloquent like to a comment ‘against’ Matteo Ranieri

After months of rumor, in early July Valeria Cardone And Matteo Ranieri announced the end of their love story on their Instagram profiles.

The couple, who had known each other within Men and women, had appeared to the people of the web rather distant and not very “affectionate” since their exit from the program. The two appeared together only in posed photos, taken from photo books without ever sharing moments of everyday life. Although the former suitor had initially denied, that “famous” July 6 could only confess the breakup

The real reasons that led the couple to say goodbye Valeria Cardone he never wanted to say it, invoking privacy. Some time ago, during a chat with her followers, the girl from Campania had also added that he could never speak ill from Matteo:

The reasons for the break remain ours. Fortunately, privacy still exists. I am not a bitter, vindictive person. I’m not a person who spits on the plate where he ate. I will never do that so if you expect me to speak ill of the person I have shared things with, you are wrong.

However, a few minutes ago his like on a vitriolic comment by a follower did not go unnoticed Matteoas shown by Deianira Marzano in an Instagram story.
The user would have pointed out that the couples of the last edition are still together, while the former tronista for the second time left the program as a couple. In reality, however, he wouldn’t even try to stay there:

As it happens it is Matteo Ranieri who for the second vote came out of there as a couple but didn’t even try. But from what we understand he has already found another in Spain. Last year she had found it in Sardinia. The boy has fun. He enjoys teasing serious girls.

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