Vanessa Incontrada: “Giorgia Meloni scares me very much, I don’t love and I don’t agree with her type of politics”

Giorgia Meloni it scares me very much, I don’t love and I don’t share his kind of politics ”. Among the artists who are not afraid to take sides or say what they think in terms of politics, there is no doubt Vanessa Incontrada. A few months ago she had expressed it in no uncertain terms on Instagram, commenting on the speech of the leader of the Brothers of Italy at the Vox convention in Spain, saying she felt “horror” and “fear” for Meloni’s words. Concept that you reiterated in an interview with Corriere della Serain which he talks about his upcoming TV engagements and his relationship with colleagues.


When asked about the upcoming political elections, Vanessa Incontrada responds without fear of exposing herself and articulates her opinion on Giorgia Meloni, saying that she was very shaken by her speech during the Vox demonstration. “Because I know Vox well, spokesman for a right-wing extremism inconceivable to me“, He says bluntly. Then she adds: “From a woman I expect freedom, open-mindedness, instead I hear speeches that make me look like a 1920 politician“. The Incontrada specifies that it believes in the rules and respecting them but observes how on certain issues such as “abortion, artificial insemination, adoption, families that do not necessarily have to be man-woman, we should already be ahead, instead I perceive that with a politician like you we are going backwards. And she scares me. I would like to hear words of freedom, not just freedom of speech“.

Waiting for the foreseeable long wave of controversy that will follow these positions, Incontrada focuses on the warm autumn and winter that await it on the working front, from Strip the news in October, Zelig in November, the theater and the second season of fiction Fosca Innocenti with Francesco Arca. On Friday and Saturday, however, she will be the hostess of the Tim Music Awards, broadcast on Rai1 from the Verona Arena. Beside him, as always for eleven years, Carlo Conti with whom he explains that he has found a magical alchemy. “He looks waterproof, he’s perfect, very technical, precise; I try to destabilize it with my improvisation, I never read the hunchback. One of his flaws? He’s too tanned“. Of Alessandro SianiHis partner in Striscia, on the other hand, underlines the ability to work as a couple: “He is not centered on himself, he is incredibly generous, both in work and in private life”. The most affectionate words, however, reserve them a Claudio Bisio, which she will find in Zelig and which she defines as “a missed husband”: “We have a very intense relationship, we have lived months and months of work, we are bound by an enormous affection. Professionally you have a unique listening ability – it’s a gift, you can’t learn -, he knows how to always be attentive to what one says, that’s where his jokes come from. He is a born improviser ”.

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