Vanessa Incontrada, love story destroyed: left the ex for the brother-in-law

The nice presenter in crisis with her partner? The clues are all there; let’s see what she says about it and what the reasons are

Vanessa Incontrada he is always at the center of the gossip, like it or not. Beautiful and nice, the hot Vanessa, Spanish by birth but Italian by adoption, is loved by the public for her outspoken and contagious laugh, for her sympathy and for her being always at hand.

Vanessa Incontrada- Solospettacolo

Often lends itself to the jokes of the colleague Claudio Bisio while conducting the comedy program Zelig, who sees them as perfect gag companions. Over time, therefore, we have loved this woman who is always smiling and cheerful, as if she were the person next door.

Vanessa Incontrada and the controversy

The Incontrada has been for a long time, and still is today, at the center of controversy because of the soft shapes that someone would like to pass for extra pounds as if it were an unforgivable defect. But it is not the only controversy that has overwhelmed the Hispanic; even the beginnings of her love affair with Rossano Laurini they were stormy.

In reality we should be talking about ex; after many clues in fact at the end Vanessa admitted, in an interview with Vanity Fair, to be in one “Pause for reflection” which is usually a nice way to say it’s over.

He has declared: “I am in a reflective moment of my life, I can say this. Reflection is helping me understand what has been and what I want from my future. Not only in my private life and I don’t know where my transformation will take me, I’m looking forward ”.

The real reasons are not known at the moment, we can only assume from his words that something was broken between the two, they didn’t keep up with the routine: “There must be complicity not only in“ serious ”things but also in lightness, there must be harmony. Otherwise you get to a point where you no longer know what to say, and in a couple if you no longer know what to talk about it starts to be a big problem ”.

But the future, at 43, is still long, and he admits: “A great wish of mine would be have another child. A new passion. But if it arrives it arrives, if it doesn’t arrive it doesn’t arrive. In general, I don’t limit myself. And nobody should give them to himself, a person can decide to do what he wants ”.

The finished story

As mentioned at the beginning of his story with Rossano Laurini there was no lack of controversy. This is because at the time the man turned out to be Vanessa’s brother-in-law so long as married to Chiara Palmieri, sister of Andrea, her boyfriend. A beautiful intertwining, and Chiara had ruled: “If you really care about a friend, when you realize that you have fallen in love with her husband, you do not move away from her, but from him “.

Vanessa and Rossano - Solospettacolo
Vanessa and Rossano – Solospettacolo

To these words, Vanessa’s response was not long in coming, and on the pages of Friend explains: “I haven’t stolen anyone. When these things happen there is already a fracture. Love is not stolen “.

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