Voice to the fan – Reflections after the defeat at the Olimpico

“Dumfries’ chance would have turned the game on our side, before Luis Alberto’s goal” are the words of Inzaghi after the game. It already looks like a surrender. These are words that no fan would ever want to hear. A great coach knows that with “ifs” and “buts” problems are not solved, much less matches. The defeat against Lazio highlighted the limits of the Inter coach: the inability to read the matches with obvious mistakes in the changes and above all the inability to change the structure of the team in the match in progress. These limits will weigh in both national and international competitions. An Inter team that always finds itself in difficulty when it encounters formations that press high, who play compactly and are fast on the counterattack. And a game module, the 3-5-2, which becomes a winner when there are spaces to be exploited and pressing is not suffocating. Perhaps playing a little more vertically with simple exchanges of “come and go” (basketball style) would create more dangers and more opportunities also with closed and well organized teams the game should be speeded up with first intention steps and not the usual phrases and passages that from the opponent’s trocar bring the ball back to Handanovic’s feet. How boring! Everyone has already figured out how to put the Nerazzurri in difficulty: just close the outer flanks and take Brozovic’s breath away. And don’t stick to Perisic’s departure to justify the defeats: a good player will never win games alone, some but not all. Love her, always “.


“Good morning, the morning after Inter’s Strazio, brings, as it should be, some reflections after the one seen on the pitch starting with who was deployed from the first minute, Gagliardini, now I don’t want to mock the boy, but he and the game of football they continue to live in different places without ever meeting, because he is still part of the neroazzurro team I don’t understand him and I want to clarify that I am talking about the player not the person, our coach sent a clear “I’m afraid” putting him on cover for Milincovich, the problem is that the “Gagliardini, if he spreads them in the sandwiches …” with all that follows, to season this wrong start there was also a slow reading of the changes, and those made were in my view also chaotic, in short a bad evening, the only thing I feel like saying, and that serves as a lesson, the way to “rock” is still long, we have the means to follow it to the end, so come on guys, work commitment and dedication, so the field will smile at you LOVE HER thanks “.


“Usually in this period of the year football years ago offered the so-called August football .. the one to entertain the spectators .. arrived after a day at sea eager to see the goals and spectacle of their new favorites .. there were the triangular ones .. the trophy of more or less famous sponsors or the mini tournaments .. between the players we laugh and joke .. the coaches try new schemes they put minutes in the legs of the young people of tomorrow and hope to go to penalties .. o to the shoutouts (who remembers them?) between a laugh and the other with their bench colleagues. This year NO! Now it’s no longer August football .. they are games that are worth three points and we know what it means to lose them mindful of last year’s discard that denied us the greatest joy .. the legs must immediately turn a thousand .. you cannot do experiments .. change patterns .. (true Inzaghi?) the desire to win the wickedness in front of goal for make a goal more than the opponent must be there from the first minute .. defeats they hurt you .. always .. those of August football a little less .. as long as you don’t want to repeat them in the following months .. Love her “.



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