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from Giovanna Cavalli

Perhaps as early as September 1 Ilary and Francesco will see each other together with the lawyers: without notice there is a risk of a long lawsuit

Summer is ending, even that endless by Ilary Blasi. That will soon have to stop his Grand Tour panoramic started on July 12, not even 12 hours after the double announcement of the marital crisis. And abandon the blue waters of the Croatia to go home, this time seriously, by Tuesday at the latest, perhaps even earlier. The same goes for Francesco Tottiwhich will pass the last weekend to Sabaudia and then I will close the villa and return to the one even bigger than Eur. Where the two Great Exs – still formally husband and wife, because nothing has been established – whether they like it or not (the second) will have to resign themselves to sharing the 25 rooms for a few more weeks, for the sake of their three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. It is approaching for the moment of the decisive confrontation. To put their goodbye in black and white. And to separate, in addition to hearts, also the assets.

Meanwhile, their respective lawyers have returned from more or less short holidays abroad, both very knowledgeable in the matter and highly sought after among celebrities. Alessandro SimeoneMilanese lawyer of the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi (who, like her client, extended the trip to the United States) has already assisted Simona Ventura, Alessia Marcuzzi and Chiara Giordano. Antonio ConteRoman, who advises the eternal Giallorossi Captain, follows AS Roma, but also the private affairs of Daniele De Rossi and Nicol Zaniolo. Next week will be decisive.

The first meeting between the parties, if all collaborate, could take place as early as Thursday 1 September, at the latest on Monday 5, to get to the heart around mid-month. If Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi find a total agreement, the matter could be resolved quickly, in the way consensual. If, on the other hand, conflicts and problems arise – a not unlikely hypothesis – separation would become judiciallanding in court, with the risk of lasting up to three years. The competent court at the moment is that of Romebut the economic interests and the patrimonial intertwining of the former Golden Couple of the Capital, if not dealt with in harmony, they could open fronts in other cities and involve other forums, in a complex intertwining.

Francesco Totti’s desire for everything to happen without further media hype. Even if the Ilary’s super-social holidaywho posted the whatever on Instagram (burst of video and photos also yesterday afternoon, in order: her beautiful tanned legs, Isabel’s voice in the background, the deck of the yacht, a gray rope, close-up on the pearl white smile or with the straw hat pulled down over her eyes, earrings gold circle and deep pink mouth) – showing herself anything but heartbroken for the end of a twenty-year love – does not bode well.

The same applies to the repeated scoop of the weekly Chi on the alleged clandestine meetings of Francis with Noemi Bocchi (the last one at Circeo: in the photo you can see the former Romanist number 10 who in the evening gets out of the car in front of the villa rented by the thirty-four-year-old blonde from Parioli, now universally accredited as his new partner), who have never been filmed next to each other and they look good, given the delicate moment. However, someone would claim to have seen them with their own eyes. A radio and TV presenter would have told friends that Francesco and Noemi were together in the house last Monday Circeo precisely, to follow the Roma game. And she would be sure of it because she is spending the summer in a villa opposite theirs and with the windows open you can hear everything.

So far Totti, who they describe as very serene and at peace not himself, committed to doing the good dad (the children love him) pretended nothing had happened, absent himself from the social network, endured (reluctantly) the jumble of gossip, often skilfully directed in one direction. But he wouldn’t be willing to turn the other cheek to infinity. To pass as the only culprit in the sad end of a marriage that lasted 17 years. And if provoked again, it may react. If and how, we will find out at the right time, which is not that far away.

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