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How did the Grand Hotel end up? The last episode of the TV series is shocking: it was barbarously successful, sensational twist.

We were looking forward to this moment and, albeit reluctantly, it has arrived: Grand Hotel-intrigues and passions has closed its doors for good. On Friday 26 August the last episode aired and the public was able to find out how the love story between Julio and Alicia went.

Final Grand Hotel. Credits: Mediaset

Among the many TV series that have alternated during this television season, Grand Hotel was among those that met with immediate success. It will be because the public already knew the plot and, therefore, was completely fond of the story, it will be because this season was interrupted at the most beautiful about a year ago, the fact is the new episodes of the TV series have made everyone agree. Have you also seen, however, how did it end The advances had told us about a last heart-stopping episode full of twists, but no one would ever have imagined what really happened.

In the course of this last episode of Grand Hotel, a lot of knots came to the head, as they say! Be very careful, though: one of the main characters of the TV series was tragically killed. Who? Let’s find out together!

Grand Hotel, how did it end? Last thrilling episode: he was killed

You weren’t able to follow the latest episode of Grand Hotel and you are curious to find out how did it end We’ll take care of telling you everything down to the smallest detail, rest assured. Let’s start by telling you, however, that the tv series has definitively greeted its audience, but he did it in the best way.

The first episode of this latest episode of Grand Hotel is titled The Sacrifice and saw Don Diego organize a Machiavellian plan against Julio. The good Murqìa, in fact, has understood that his wife’s lover is the waiter and does everything to take revenge on him. He thus gathers all the hotel employees and, in exchange for money, forces them to tell the hiding place of the young Spinosa. Finally, it turns out that to shoot Diego while he was a prisoner, it was the sweet Alicia. And that Donna Teresa and Cisneros are having an affair.

The last episode of the Grand Hotel season finale is titled ‘Cholera’. Don Diego spread a cholera epidemic inside the hotel. After drinking water from a cave, Alicia’s husband has become seriously ill and is in serious danger of dying, as well as infecting all the hotel employees. Fortunately, to take the reins in hand is Donna Angela, who manages to stop the spread of the epidemic in the hotel. Great surprise also for Andres’s mother: Don Alfredo leaves, but before doing so he signs some papers where he hands over the management of the hotel to the head housekeeper. Furthermore, Belen – convinced that the young Cernuda can discover everything she has done – commits suicide. And Diego, finally, is killed by Cisneros, who first confesses his love for him to Donna Teresa.

A tragic ending, as we can clearly understand, which was softened by the birth of the children of Javier and Laura; the marriage between Maite and Andres and, finally, the birth of Alicia and Julio’s first child.

how grand hotel ended up
Kiss Alicia Julio. Credits: Mediaset

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