“We evaluate an All Star Game of football”

A match in which the best players in our league take the field, along the lines of what happens in the American professional leagues. L’All Star Game of Serie A it is a project on which the Lega is concretely working, as explained by the president Casini: “It’s an idea that deserves attention – his words toHandle -. We will study the project and the companies, in the assembly, will evaluate all the pros and cons, with the relative timing “.

It has recently been the topic that has brought the topic to the fore Todd Boehlythe new president of the Chelseaalthough his proposal has so far been received rather coldly, not to say critically.

Casini, however, it seems believe in this project: “I still remember with emotion the match between Europe and the rest of the world in August 1982, with our Zoffs, Tardelli, Rossi and above all Antognoni, who played better than Platini and Zico, who were also on the pitch. clubs, presidents, sports managers and coaches, as well as journalists and fans. Of course, many aspects must be considered, from the calendar to the format, also providing for specialty competitions, such as free kicks, and occasions also for young talents and for the promotion of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are the basis of the game of football and sport. Serie A must also represent a model for future generations “.

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