“We need desire, courage and ideas”

Coach Marco Baroni has summoned the following players for the match Lecce – Empoli 3rd matchday of Serie A TIM scheduled for Sunday 28 August 2022 at 8.45pm. This is the list of players called:

1. Bleve
30. Falcone
36. Samooja

6. Bashkir
24. Frabotta
25. Rooster
17. Gendrey
97. Pezzella
5. Pongracic
13. Thuja
93. Umtiti

7. Askildsen
8. Bistrovic
29. Blin
16. Gonzalez
14. Helgason
42. Hjulmand

22. Band
77. Ceesay
9. Columbus
11. By Francesco
19. Listkowski
99. Rodriguez
27. Fatigue

Brancolini, Cetin, Dermaku and Persson are out.


Marco Baroni, coach of the Leccespoke today at a press conference to present tomorrow night’s match againstEmpoli. Here are his words:


“Defence? We are talking about guys who have a different job than ours. Pezzella at Parma was on the sidelines, Pongracic also worked with the team. The preparations will be made during the weekly work through the matches. Marin spent almost a week with us. Pezzella and Umtiti are training with the team even today. Pongracic and Pezzella on the pitch? I still have to do some evaluations, today’s training is very important. Behind we have many players available. Blin and Baschirotto both played good matches, we’ll see after today’s training. ”


“Umtiti? His arrival at the airport was wonderful, it was a fantastic message for everyone. This group will have to achieve a goal through work, joy and feeling and he can help us with that. We must not burden it with great expectations. Yesterday we understood that he is a player who came to question himself and we welcome him with open arms. ”


“Tomorrow will be an important match, against an opponent who has more Serie A experience than us with a proven game system. We are a team under construction, which is assembling. Tomorrow we need desire, courage, determination and ideas ”.


“Banda is a player with important characteristics, he is a boy we need and he will be useful to us. It will be necessary to play a game of great physical energy and he must be one of those players who must give us a hand tomorrow ”.


“There are no 16 players in Lecce. Here they are all owners. Who gives everything and who goes to a thousand plays. Market? My attention is focused only on the team, otherwise you can see that we are working and we are doing it well. We don’t take much to take but only to improve this team. “


“In there, the attitude, both of the champion and of the kid, counts. I have often been struck by the attitude of young guys who gave everything on the pitch. These players who have arrived can help us with their experience. We have taken exemplary professionals who want to give something important ”.


“The match against Empoli is worth a challenge with Juventus and Inter. We must try to win all together ”.

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