“We will no longer be able to admire it in the studio”: Tragedy for Mediaset viewers from all over Italy – the Democratic

Once again the most faithful of the Mediaset house will find themselves in front of an unexpected surprise. Here’s what happened.

In the early days of September we will be starting a new late Mediaset television season. There will certainly be many Announcements, some of which will certainly not be appreciated by viewers. One of the flagship faces of Channel 5it seems he will not be present in the studio.

We are all ready now. The month of September will see great coming returns.

So many transmissions through which the public can once again benefit from the entertainment of Mediaset, from Big Brother vip, Sunday 5, Back to schoolup to Morning 5.

Precisely with regard to this last transmission, they seem to be there great news although not all of them have got the news in the best way.

News from Mediaset

In the crosshairs of the latest indiscretion it’s over there presenter of Morning 5, Federica Panicucci. From ben 12 years the presenter finds herself at the helm of the transmission which, according to some rumors, this year could take the name of Morning 5 news.

His career, however, began even earlier, as far back as 1988 when he was divided between Canale 5 and Italia 1.
Very often we have had the honor of passing there as well party of Christmas and New Year in the company of Federica Panicucci. She has always been one conductor at 360 °distinguished by its own talent and his versatility both in the television and radio worlds.

Initially there had been many rumors according to which Federica Panicucci would not return to conduct Morning 5, but fortunately. all the fear generated was then appeased.

As every year, at the beginning of September the morning of Canale 5 will accompany everyone with the transmission conducted precisely by Federica Panicucci and colleague Francesco Vecchi.
When asked to return once again at the helm of the transmission, Panicucci was delighted.

These are his words: “I love this program and every year it is as if it were the first. When I stop and look back I see a lot of experience and many things done. It’s nice”.

Moreover Federica Panicucci this year does not stop only with the conducting the morning broadcastbut it will help to increase the entertainment by being at the helm of Back to school.

It is a new experience, a new one finish line that the presenter will surely take home with splendid results.

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