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Eni thus explained that, following the clarifications contained in a circularand of 11 July of the Revenue Agency and the subsequent opinion delivered on 12 August by the same Agency in response to an Eni ruling concerning the relevance of transactions without the territorial requirement, the total amount of the grant was restated to approximately 1.4 billion, instead of the 550 million calculated at the beginning and on which 40% of the down payment had been paid. At 220 million already paid, the group led by Claudio Descalzithen yesterday added 340 million, which brings the deposit paid to 560 million, 40% precisely of 1.4 billion, final amount that will be reached with the balance of December 15th.

The pressure of the government on companies in the energy sector was aimed at increasing the proceeds, so far very disappointing: compared to the approximately 4 billion estimated for the down payment, only one had entered. But the government is also preparing a restyling of the tax disputed by many companies, which have appealed to the TAR. Rules are being studied to link the tax to more certain parameters, such as the value of production. In this way, the aim is to collect as much as possible compared to the total estimated 10 billion at the beginning. These are precious resources to finance the new aid against expensive billswhich, according to what leaked yesterday from government sources, will come not as an amendment to the Aid bis decree, but with an ad hoc decree law.

Despite the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, insist on interventions for 30 billion to be financed using the budget varianceDraghi continues to work on measures that are instead covered with higher than expected revenues and with the reshaping of some expenses, not by increasing the deficit. The deviation, the secretary of the Democratic Party said yesterday, Enrico Lettacould be the last resort to be discussed in the EU, because France and Germany also have a situation like ours. On the line of prudence also the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni: We are the nation that is most indebted.

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