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Do you remember Kekka Nicolì, Francesca from Amici di Maria de Filippi? She participated in the competition don Diana del Bufalo and was engaged to a much loved talent dancer. Also a few years later, we saw it again ad Men and women. Here’s how it became today.

The edition of Friends of Maria de Filippi aired in 2010, it is remembered for some names that we still see today in the Italian television and music scene. We are certainly talking about Diana del Bufalo and Annalisa. The first of her, she is a successful actress and presenter, known for her sympathy and her talent. The second, she is a singer who now has numerous gold and platinum records and various participations in the Sanremo Festival.

As talent shows often demonstrate, the winner is not always the one who manages to remain impressed in the minds and hearts of viewers, moreover, a victory does not determine a guaranteed success. During the same edition then, a student in the singing category was distinguished by her looks and her attitudes a little out of the lines. We are talking about Francesca Nicolì, Kekka for the loyal fans of the program. The young woman reappeared on the small screen a few years later and had an affair with a much loved dancer from the Canale 5 school. Here’s what she does today and how she became her.

Kekka Nicolì, from Friends to Men and women: this is how it has become today

Kekka Nicolì, at the registry office Francesca is remembered for her participation in Friends in 2010 which allowed her to release a debut EP bearing her name. In the course of her talent, she had several quarrels and strong enough attitudes that made her love and hate from the audience at home. The same presenter and the professors are repeatedly forced to bring her back to the right path to avoid unpleasant consequences. After a few years, no records or hits for Francesca. She decided instead to participate in Men and women to woo the very nice Neapolitan Mariano Catanzaro. A choice that she did discuss given the unexpected turn that the young woman’s television career took.

Subsequently, his name was compared to that of Alessio La Padula, formerly of Elena D’Amario and another beloved face of the talent show of Canale 5. The two seem to have had a short relationship, as evidenced by some posts on Instagram that they they portray together with a lot of hashtag #love. Kekka has changed considerably today. Her super colored crest features curls of her natural color and she opts for a much lighter makeup and outfit with less leather and studs.

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