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What could happen if you leave a splinter or thorn in the skin. The possible consequences, which could also be serious. How to avoid any possible risk.

The thorns of a plant (Pixabay)


A thorn in the skin it can be very painful and could even lead to further complications. This is an inconvenience that could happen in many possible ways and to anyone. A splinter left as a residue after handling wood, or a thorn left by a rose or other types of plants (think of the many succulents that have thorns, ed) are something that could always happen.

The first contact with a splinter or thorn in the skin can be painful. Sometimes, however, we may not notice that we have something under our skin. Instead we will have to try to identify any foreign bodies and extract them. Indeed there could be consequences.

As stated by many experts, if an external element were to penetrate our organism, some problems could arise complications also important to health. This was stated by Professor Paolo Del Rio, Director of the General Surgical Clinic of the University Hospital of Parma, to the corriere della sera.

Thorn in the skin, the possible consequences if you don’t pull it out

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Our skin is a first barrier against the intrusion of viruses and bacteria, and therefore reduces the chances of getting infections. But if it is penetrated, as happens in the case of splinters and thorns that stick into the epidermal tissue, then it is possible to run into problems. In fact these are not sterile objects.

And a possible infection induced by this situation could expand and turn into sepsis. Which, in many situations, can end up even endangering the life of an individual. Although this is thought to be very rare in the case of a small thorn or splinter stuck in the skin. The odds of risk they grow in proportion to the trauma suffered instead.

In any case, any possibility of possible danger is reduced by the application of a relative vaccine. However, caution is also required in removing splinters and thorns in the house. We must remind him to always do it with sterile tweezers and gloves, and to disinfect the affected area before intervening. However, if the foreign body goes deep, then it’s best to go to the emergency room.

And if the same is very small, many times it happens that it is the organism itself that expels it, without causing any inflammation. He could run into a situation like a light sting, and as the hours go by the splinter ends up reaching a more superficial position.

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