what it means when a big bubble is created

It is never pleasant to be the target of mosquitoes which, in addition to sucking our blood, leave us huge and annoying bubbles

Mosquito whiff (Adobe Photo)

The summer is coming to the conclusion and the cities are welcoming back the many vacationers who have left for the holidays. Soon we will return to the classic everyday life, where pleasant summer dinners on the shore will remain a memory indelible in our mind. As well as evenings with friends or family.

The memories certainly remain, shared as much as possible on their social channels, the tan for a while and the bubbles of mosquitoes which, like darts they threw themselves on us to hit us as hard as they could. With these flying insects, skilled blood-sucking insects, however, we still have to contend for a long time, since a October, month no longer as cold as a few years ago, they feel authorized to buzz and sting us.

Mosquito bite, what does it mean if the bubble is huge?

allergic reactions mosquito bite
Mosquito (Adobe Photo)

Mosquitoes, although small in size, are among the insects most dangerous for humans. It is no coincidence that these can be carriers of many diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and encephalitis. Not to mention malaria, heartworm disease and Lyme disease. Diseases that can also be caught in Italy, as documented by recent West Nile cases.

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Sure it’s rare to get sick, but it’s a possibility. What is never missing, however, are the bubbles that these cute hemophagitic insects leave us. In addition to the classic and annoying itch, some of these tend to be very large and impress us. It often happens that i wheals Yes they can infect, especially if they scratch repeatedly. This action not only damages the skin, it allows the bacteria to infect the affected area. The signs that indicate a possible infection are the presence of busses around and inside the blister, increase of redness, swelling and pain and the appearance of blisters and / or blisters.

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But not just because in some cases, these stings can do allergy with symptoms similar to those of non-allergic reactions. With one difference: the wheals will be more extensive and very itchy which in the worst cases they can lead to tachycardia, nausea And respiratory difficulties. But also, fortunately very rarely, they also cause anaphylactic shock. But if it boils they should inflate, become livid and once broken look like release water how blistering could be the Skeeter’s syndrome.

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