What will happen to the banknotes with the image of Queen Elizabeth

The disappearance of Queen Elizabeth was a severe blow to the British people and beyond: a much loved woman and monarch, the first to appear on Bank of England notes. In fact, her Majesty’s face began appearing on British coins in 1960, spreading over time to today’s numbers. There are currently 4.5 billion sterling banknotes with the image of the queen in circulation, with a total value of 80 billion pounds. But what will happen to these banknotes after Elizabeth’s disappearance?

With the Queen’s death and the passing of the baton to his son Charles, the money will also have to be updated with the face in the new ruler. Not an easy operation: according to estimates, it will take at least two years before the replacement is complete. Obviously, the banknotes currently in circulation will continue to have legal value, as also pointed out by the Bank of England. After the funeral and the mourning period, new announcements will be made regarding the existing banknotes.

Similar speech also for the stamps depicting the queen, the first of which is dated 1952, the year in which the monarch ascended the throne. The post office will have to change the stamps, using a profile picture of the new monarch. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the mailboxes of the Royal Mail with the royal initials of Queen Elizabeth, ER, will be removed. We also remember that Queen Elizabeth’s face also appears on some 20 dollar bills in Canada, on coins in New Zealand and on all coins and banknotes issued by the central bank of the Eastern Caribbean, as well as in other parts of the Commonwealth.


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