“When you have a child, you exist twice”

«I tell you with brutal sincerity: eroticism is a visual question, of the body. Loving and liking each other, which is the only way to please the other ». Thus began the interview with actress and entrepreneur Cristina Marino during the AfterCinema event at Des Bains in Cosmopolitan, organized by the editorial staff at the Lido for the Venice Film Festival. The couple showed up for one of the first public outings since the announcement of the second pregnancy.

«When you say you are pregnant, it is easier to accept yourself, even in the changing body. And I, who work with this body and with communication, tell you it’s strange. You cannot tell anyone that this beautiful change is taking place within you. Perhaps the most beautiful of all », Marino told Lavinia Farnese, director of Cosmopolitan during the interview. «Then I’m someone who wants to do a thousand things. When I was expecting Nina [la prima figlia, Nina Speranza, avuta dalla coppia nel 2020, ndr] Luca used to say to me, Cristina calm down for a moment », laughs the actress. Then a look at the actor sitting in the deck chairs of the event while she smiles.

“A few months ago I picked up a friend’s daughter and said, was Nina really that little? Maternity means acquiring greater responsibility. Don’t drink an extra spritz before you get in the car. Knowing that you also exist for someone else “, concluded Cristina Marino.

The couple announced they are pregnant for the second time on Instagram with a family photo. In the shot, which has the sea at sunset in the background, Luca is immortalized, with little Nina born in 2022 in his arms, and Cristina in profile with the first signs of pregnancy. “THEor, you, Nina and a new light # 4ofus “, Argentero wrote in the post caption. His wife did the same on his Instagram account. Immediate and numerous best wishes and congratulations from friends and followers who have been following the couple for a long time.

We recall that Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, entrepreneur active in the world of fitness (in 2016 she founded the Befancyfit website ed), yes. I am first met in 2015 on the set of Caribbean holidays. Another encounter that made them exist twice.


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