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The new king prefers Clarence House to the Palace. The idea of ​​assigning Windsor to William and Kate

There was an established routine with Elizabeth: Buckingham Palace during the week, Windsor at the weekend, Balmoral in the summer and Sandringham at Christmas. Everything will change with Carlo. Not only because it is based at Clarence House, but also because she doesn’t particularly love Windsor Castle either, which she would like to give to William and Kate. The new king also has a country residence for the weekend already and his beloved Highgrove, the Gloucestershire estate that he has transformed over the years into an eco-friendly oasis. A curiosity that Highgrove belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall, which passed in inheritance to William: therefore on weekends the king will be a tenant of his son.

Another possible residence for part of the year Birkhall, the former home of the Queen Mother on the Balmoral estate; while in Wales the king owns the Llwynywermod cottage. But one thing is certain: Carlo is a cost-conscious person and will increasingly open his buildings to the public, in order to bear the costs..

As for Buckingham Palace, an increasingly “museum” destiny awaits him; on the other hand, on the death of George VI also Elizabeth and Philip, who lived in Clarence House as now Charles, opposed an initial resistance to the idea of ​​moving there: and were convinced only by the pressure of the Court. And after all only from the time of Queen Victoria, therefore relatively recently, that it had become the official residence of the sovereigns. But the change is now advancing.

September 12, 2022 (change September 12, 2022 | 11:57 am)

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