Which are the supermarkets in Palermo where you save the most (according to Altroconsumo)

Where to save as much as possible in times of high cost of living like these? By shopping at Aldi and Eurospin where – by buying the cheapest products ever – a family of four can save up to 3,350 euros per year compared to what they spend on average (8,550 euros according to Istat). This is what emerges from Altroconsumo’s annual survey on the prices of large retailers which identifies – between super, hyper and discount – the cheapest brands at national and local level (for spending with the cheapest products, but also brand, with private label and mixed).

The cheapest chains

Sixty-seven cities from North to South, 1,171 points of sale including supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores, 1.67 million prices recorded for 126 product categories, including food, personal care, home and pet food: these are the numbers of 2022 edition of the survey. By choosing the most convenient sign or point of sale identified, you can also save large sums.

Let’s start with the signs, on a national level. For every type of shopping – with the cheapest, branded or private label products – the convenience of the sign changes. Altroconsumo has thus simulated more “carts” to elaborate the rankings. In addition to shopping with the cheapest products ever on the shelf, three other types of spending were simulated.

Mixed shopping (includes all types of products: branded, private label and the cheapest of all): in this case, the cheapest supermarket and hypermarket signs are Famila Superstore and Dok. As for the discounters – kept in a separate ranking because they have a smaller offer of branded products – Eurospin wins.

Spending with branded products: Esselunga obtained the title of cheapest supermarket (the ranking does not consider discount stores where branded products are less popular than hyper and super). Esselunga, however, is not a chain that still exists in Palermo.

Shopping with private label products (private label or commercial brand): Carrefour is at the top of the hyper and super cheapest ranking (the ranking considers only hyper and super because the discount brand products are included in the product cart cheaper).

The map of savings in Palermo and its province

These are the supermarkets and discounters where, according to Altroconsumo, it is possible to save:

  • IPERCOOP Forum Palermo via Pecoraino, ang. via Laudicina 114
  • CONAD SPACE via Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea 1963 115
  • CONAD SUPERSTORE Camillo Finocchiaro course April 112 120
  • CONAD SUPERSTORE via Villagrazia 79 120
  • CONAD SUPERSTORE viale Michelangelo 2200 120
  • COOP via Gioacchino di Marzo 2 / A 120
  • CONAD SUPERSTORE via Ugo La Malfa 3 121
  • EUROSPAR viale dell’Olimpo 24 126

How to save with shopping

If the intent is to save as much as possible while also maintaining high quality, discount and commercial brand products are confirmed as the right choice. Altroconsumo says this after analyzing the products that have had the best results in their tests over the last two years (358 between food, personal care, home, pet food).

In 40% of cases, the best quality products (better than the test) and also the most convenient (best purchase: lowest price at least good quality) are those of the discount store. Private label products also had this same result in a good percentage of cases, 36%.

The methodology of the survey

Anonymously, Altroconsumo’s surveyors recorded 1.67 million prices in 67 cities, at 1,171 stores: 700 supermarkets, 125 hypermarkets and 346 discount stores, selected on criteria that guarantee their representativeness. For each of the 126 product categories considered (the most purchased according to Istat), the prices, including promotions, of all the products on sale were recorded, but only if present on the shelf. This made it possible to reconstruct the shopping experience, given that the unavailability of a potentially convenient product limits the possibilities for saving. Prices are processed on the basis of calculations and weightings. In this way, an index on a 100 basis is obtained, which measures how affordable brands and points of sale are, nationally and locally.


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