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Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 66, at the helm of Operation London Bridge and the new ruler’s accession to the throne. His grandfather crowned Elizabeth. He is a bit scary but you have to be up to it

LONDON – The grandfather organized the coronation of the queen in 1953
and the Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965. The father crossing the Rhine during the Second World War. To him, 18th Duke of Norfolkthere is a double task that will probably go down in history: the funeral of Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III.

Edward Fitzalan-Howard66, five children, Catholic, head of operations London Bridge and Golden Orb, farewell to a beloved queen and the accession of his successor to the throne. He inherited the post from his father: the family holds the title of Earl Marshalcount marshal, since 1936. the eighth among the great officials of the state, a military officer who is also responsible for the annual ceremony for the opening of parliament.

The funeral on Monday? It’s a bit scary but you have to be up to the occasion, the duke told al Times. I have an amazing team, but ultimately it’s my responsibility. a moment for which he began to prepare in 2002, immediately after the death of his father. He said that after arranging the crossing of the Rhine in 24 hours, the queen’s funeral would be very simple. The 18th duke did not trust: the first meeting gathered 20 people in the throne room. The last, in April, 280. I also leaned on the staff of Buckingham Palace, who helped me a lot.

The starting model was the funeral of George VI, Elisabetta’s father, but 70 years have passed since then and it is necessary for the ceremony to move with the times. So here it is the decision to postpone the funeral in Westminster Cathedral
and to lengthen the period of burial chamber. On Monday, at the conclusion of the London part of the funeral, the Duke will get in his car and overtake the funeral procession to reach Windsor before the coffin. Monday evening, a drink to toast the memory of the queen, the health of the new king and the end of a work that was certainly magnificently successful.

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