whoever has forgotten it will not believe what it is worth now

A very rare Bugatti found after fifty years: its value is out of the market, the particularity makes it special

More and more often it happens to find abandoned cars in all the cities of the world. Supercars, luxury cars, very rare models: around it can really happen to come across a forgotten jewel who knows for how many years.

Bugatti Type 57S (Ansa Photo)

That’s what happened to one Bugatti historical, a very rare model, which has been practically forgotten for about 50 years. The discovery took place in a workshop present in the county of Staffordshirein West Midlands in England. The car in question is one Bugatti Type 57Swhich belonged to Bill Turnbull until his death.

The man was an engineer with a great passion for engines. He decided to buy the Bugatti in 1969 with the aim of restoring it a little at a time. Time has passed to get to 2020: the car of Mr. Turnbull it was practically forgotten and when the man passed away, here it is Bugatti it has come back to light almost completely restored.

A very rare Bugatti found in England: what a price

Bugatti logo
Bugatti logo © Ansa

The Bugatti Type57 S found after fifty years in a workshop in the United Kingdom certainly cannot be defined as just any car. Indeed, the director of the auction house Bonhams Sholto Gilbertson elected her “Definitive car of its timeSpeaking on CNN.

After all, this car has a particularity that makes it absolutely special. In addition to the fact that the machine was found in practically perfect condition, we must also take into account that, according to what Bonhams, this car features the Type 57G “Tank” competition chassis. In practice, it is one of just three models built with this frame and whose fate has been lost track. One has now come back to light and obviously this aspect makes the value of the car in question particularly high.

Taking into consideration the excellent condition in which it was found and the rarity of this model, the Bugatti Type57 S with the Type 57G “Tank” competition frame, it has a value that can even exceed seven million euros. Definitely astronomical figure for a car that is, however, historic and special.

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