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from Andrea Laffranchi

Record of tickets sold for the six Italian dates announced for 2023

Groups of friends organized with multiple accounts and multiple credit cards. Families working simultaneously on multiple devices. Ready go. Your queue number 96635. Estimated time to access the purchase page: over an hour. The announcement of the new section of Coldplay’s world tour, scheduled for next summer, has clogged up online ticket offices. It all started on Wednesday when the presales of the first three Italian dates were opened, two in Milan and one in Naples. Two more were added on the same day due to the high demand e yesterday the fourth Milanese also arrived. Despite the offer, many remained empty-handed.

About 280 thousand tickets sold, practically sold out, only a portion of special tickets remains, those with souvenir gadgets and admissions without queues. The tour sold out throughout Europe, but an important response came from our audience – says Roberto De Luca, president of Live Nation -. Coldplay have a strong bond with Italy. The choice of Naples was theirs: they wanted to play where they had not yet been. We had 700,000 people queuing to buy tickets online.

A record. Certainly there is Vasco who now has San Siro the keys and that in 2019 he placed 6 shows in the stadium, but no international artist had ever done so many concerts at the Meazza on the same tour. The English band will play on 25, 26, 28 and 29 June, and before (21 and 22) there are the two dates in Naples. The desire of Chris Martin and associates does not stop in front of the increase in tickets. Compared to 2017, the lawn goes from 86 to 109 euros (+ 26%), the first ring from 109 to 172 euros (+ 57%), the most polar ticket, the one for the third ring, the least affected and from 46 euros to 57 (+ 23%). Beyond the general increase in the cost of raw materials and labor that we are facing in the post-pandemic, and the complexity of this production in particular, prices are lower than those of other world stars such as Rolling Stones, Elton John, Guns N ‘ Roses .., adds De Luca.

Consequences of Coldplay fever. The unpleasant ones like the coupons reappeared on the touting sites with requests that go beyond those of the megawatt hour of gas. And those that see the return of 7 songs in the Italian top 200 of Spotify: the favorite Yellow, their first hit. We prepare for karaoke one year in advance.

A confirmation that Coldplay’s roots are solid despite the warm welcome that fans have reserved for the last two albums: Everyday Life (2019), spiritual, dark, busy, and Music of the Spheres (2021), subtle and volatile. Coldplay marked the zero years with records like Parachutes, melancholic melodic business card; A Rush of Blood to the Head which made English rock take a leap forward; the suckling X&Y and the intellectual Viva la vida. Mylo Xyloto of 2011 was the watershed that pushed them into pop but which, with the exception of Paradise, forgettable. From then on, Coldplay have persistently sought contemporaneity rather than classicism. Sometimes they found her, like when she flirted with Avicii’s edm in A Sky Full of Stars (2014), other times they let themselves be distracted, see the recent My Universe that didn’t need BTS, millennial idols.

Live everything changes. The first-class show. Chris Martin on stage a frontman who conquers with a smile and positivity. He likes him because he doesn’t seem like the one who will steal your girlfriend or the one who will try on the first invitation but a friend to have a beer with. Mick Jagger also gave him credit, with an angel / devil percentage we are the opposite, who on social media showed himself enthusiastic and a dancer at their London concert the other day. Luminous bracelets for everyone synchronized with the show; oversized balloons flying over the stalls; fluorescent colors for the videos and Olympic ceremony lights. Elements already in the previous tour, but from the videos on the net they seem even more present. The scenography focuses on the round figure, symbol of the solar system imagined for the graphics of the last album and perhaps also of a universe without edges. Because Coldplay is a colorful world (and ecologically sustainable at least in the tour’s design intentions), a childhood playground, where you don’t get hurt and have fun.

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