Winsor Harmon, do you remember the Thorne from Beautiful? Here’s what it does now

What happened to the beloved interpreter of Thorne Forrester’s character? Find out with us where the beloved American actor Winsor Harmon is now

Winsor Harmon is a famous American actor. Born in Crowley, Louisiana on November 22, 1963, he worked primarily on television. His debut on the small screen dates back to 1994: in that year he made his debut in the soap opera The valley of the pines. Later, you have participated in numerous TV series and television films: among them, Baywatch Nights And Acapulco HEAT There is, however, a soap that most of all has given him great popularity. It is one of the most loved American series in the world and even now, after its debut in 1987, it is seen by millions of people.

We speak, of course, of The Bold and the Beautifulknown in Italy only as Beautiful. In this soap, Winsor Harmon played the brother of the protagonist Ridge. Thorne Forrester, this is his name, was one of the most beloved characters on the soap. For years he was a rival in love for his brother: the two fought first Caroline Spencer and then the protagonist Brooke Logan, played by Katherine Kelly Lang. Two other important women in Thorne Forrester’s life are Macy Alexander and Darla Einstein. These two share a sad fate: both, in fact, died prematurely, breaking the heart of poor Thorne.

Winsor Harmon: Here’s where Thorne Forrester is now

Not many know that Winsor Harmon is the third Thorne. Before him, in fact, Ridge Forrester’s brother was played by two other actors: Clayton Norcross and, later, Jeff Trachta. Crowley’s actor, however, played Thorne for twenty years, until 2016. He was later replaced by Ingo Rademacher, but his character began to be seen much less. In fact, viewers have remained tied to Winsor Harmon, to the point that the latter is back as a special guest star in one of the last episodes of the soap. But what did he do between 2016 and 2022 and what will he do in the coming months?

As reported by YouMovies, Winsor Harmon is also a country singer. He released a record in 2002 and then went on to sing in the following years. The actor has also taken part in several recent feature films. We saw it, in fact, in Sarogeto by Nico Santucci and in Cult Cartel by Paul Oliver Davis, both from 2021. We do not know what he will do in the coming months, but we hope he will return to interpret the character of Thorne Forrester in the soap opera most loved by Americans and Italians!

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