with the official news you can not pay them or get the discount

RAI license fee and car tax are two taxes that are truly detested by Italians, but now there are concrete possibilities to avoid them both.

These are two real ones taxes state and therefore must be paid.


But in this period both of these taxes are triggered by profound news that if they are pejorative on the one hand however, they also allow you to avoid payment from the other.

Savings car tax

As for the car tax, it should be emphasized that this hated regional tax is actually the subject of considerable concessions.


There are two types of tax relief on car tax. One facility allows you to not pay it at all while another facility allows you to have a 20% discount. The first facility that allows the total exemption of the car tax it is reserved for a very small number of Italians while the 20% discount can be enjoyed by practically everyone motorists. All those who own an electric car or a vintage car can have the car tax exemption or even a car used for the transport of people with disabilities.

Savings stamp

In all these cases it is possible to have total exemption from car tax. On the other hand, a saving of 20% can be obtained by all those Italians who decide to pay the car tax with domicile on the current account. Paying the car tax with domiciliation on the current account, not only will you not run the risk of forgetting this fee which actually has a deadline that changes for every Italian, but in addition it will also have it Discount. This is a concession granted by practically all Italian regions and therefore using them is particularly simple. But also as regards the RAI fee, there are two ways to avoid this tax.

Avoid RAI fee

The RAI fee from next year will come out of the energy bill and therefore it becomes important for Italians to understand how to avoid this tax. There are basically two ways to avoid the RAI canon. The first way involves the fact of not having more televisions in the house and therefore to be able to save the tax in these terms. However, there is also a second way to avoid the RAI fee which does not presuppose not having televisions in the house. Let’s see how it works. To take advantage of the first method you will need make the appropriate application which can be downloaded from the RAI website. In order not to pay the RAI fee despite having televisions at home, you must be in the condition of being elderly and with a low ISEE.

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