With this function you can customize your WhatsApp: this time it will be very colorful

If you want to personalize your WhatsApp this will be the novelty that you absolutely must try: you will see what effect.

There is no morning when we don’t open our eyes and the first thing we do is give our WhatsApp a quick check. Let’s check if some important message has arrived in the meantime and that we cannot get lost in any way.

How to customize WhatsApp. Credit: Adobe-Stock

In fact, one of the great comforts of Whatsapp and that has really changed the way of communicating, is undoubtedly the immediate sending and receiving of messages and much more. A way that many years ago we were not totally used to and that made us spend whole days wondering if the classic SMS had arrived and why we did not receive any response. Today all this is far away and we are used to much more. That’s why despite a great deal of competition, Whatsapp it still remains number one among instant messaging applications.

Here’s how you can personalize your WhatsApp making it unique

Despite Whatsapp is always constantly updated and that every time we are given new functions, as regards the possibility of varying the text and the color in which we write at the moment there are not many options, indeed we are forced to use the same style as always . Therefore, all our messages will always be written with the same font and above all with the classic black color, don’t you think something a bit monotonous? But maybe things could really change and for once we want to give you a preview of some really crazy news.

customize WhatsApp
Colorful WhatsApp. Credit: Adobe-Stock

But what if we told you today that there is a possibility to customize the format and color of the text? If you are intrigued by what, then we advise you to continue reading and you will discover everything you need to do to make your WhatsApp unique.

The first thing we must emphasize, however, is that this function will not be possible to use it on WhatsApp web, nor do you have Apple devices. That said, let’s see everything you need to do.

So if you have a Android device proceed as follows:

  1. Download first of all the Stylish Text application
  2. Start the application and give your consent to the various authorizations
  3. Click then click ‘type here’ and enter the text you want to use as a message
  4. Select the WhatsApp icon and this point selects the recipient of the message
  5. Now all that remains is send it and that’s it.

A very small novelty, which will allow you to customize your WhatsApp as you like. A touch of color, which will make our messages different from the usual and which will also represent our personality. We hope that soon it will also come out for other devices, in this way we would all have the possibility to vary as we like.

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