Yes, you can share your Amazon Prime account: Here’s how

While it can be easy to make your Amazon Prime membership feel worthwhile with its myriad benefits, there’s no need for everyone in your family to have their own separate Prime subscriptions. When you add everyone into the same Amazon Household, everyone gets the benefit of fast and free Prime shipping, along with many of the extras that come with a Prime membership, and it doesn’t cost a dime to do. Supporting up to two adults, four teens, and four preteens, it’s more than large enough for most families and a great way to get even more value out of your Prime membership.


How to add members to your Amazon Prime account

Building out your Amazon family takes just a few steps for each member, each of which is simple and can be done right on your phone. On your account page, scroll down to the tab labeled Manage your Household. From there, you can choose either Add Adult, Add a Teenor Add a Child.

Once you pick what kind of account you’re adding, enter their name and the email associated with their Amazon account. You’re prompted to share your wallet with everyone else in the Amazon Household (this does not put your credit cards into their wallet, but it does allow them to add it to their wallet). You can also choose what digital goods you want to share with the household (such as apps, audio, and e-book purchases).

Next, you’ll verify the name and email address, and they’ll have two weeks to accept the invitation. You get an email confirming the invite was sent and another letting you know they were successfully added.

Everyone you invite receives an email that looks like this. All they do is press the button that says Get Prime benefitsclick Continue on the page informing them that they can cancel any Prime membership they may have, agree to the same wallet sharing agreement you did earlier, and opt-in to share any digital purchases. Then, that person’s enrollment is done. Repeat with any other family members you need to add, and your Amazon Household is complete.

The only major limitation on this is that everyone in a Prime household must live in the same country or region and use the same marketplace. You can’t share the same Prime if you’re across the border from your family. But, if you live in a different state, you’re good to go.

All the Amazon Prime benefits you can share

The free two-day shipping that Prime comes with is one of the most apparent draws. Adults get that with no restrictions, and teens get that, but with a text verification to the account holder to complete checkout any time they make a purchase. This benefit also extends to Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

Household members also have access to the benefits of Prime that don’t ship, like Prime Video streaming. If you’re concerned about your youngest ones seeing things you don’t want them to, once preteens are enrolled into the Amazon Household, you’ll be able to set watch restrictions based on rating. Prime Video isn’t the only shared digital benefit; there’s also Prime Reading, Amazon First Reads, and Amazon Photos cloud storage.

If you’re concerned with privacy, all photos in Amazon Photos remain private until they’re shared in the family vault.

Your household will also have access to all the discounts and exclusives you have, like Prime Early Access, subscribe and save discounts, Amazon Family discounts on baby food and diapers, and the same discount your Prime membership gets you at Whole Foods. While it won’t give anyone access to your Amazon Music Unlimited plan, anyone in the household still gets the limited free version as well as the Prime member pricing to go unlimited. That member-discounted pricing also applies to the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited plan for Kindle.

If you’re familiar with all the freebies that come with Prime Gaming, there’s a bit of a catch. So, while having an Amazon Household still entitles you to Prime Gaming benefits, those freebies are limited to one per Prime membership. While this means you can get your Fall Guys skins every month, your partner can snag an Overwatch legendary loot box, and your kids can get their respective Apex and Roblox goodies, there’s only one of each to go around. Make sure everyone knows that they’re all first-come-first-served.

Amazon Prime benefits that cannot be shared

Along with all those Prime Gaming freebies being limited to only one per prime account, that’s the case with Twitch Prime subs, though only the Prime account holder has access to that, so it’s not even a first-come-first-served situation. Similarly, if you already have Amazon Music Unlimited bundled into your Prime account, only you will have access to that. At least there’s a family plan option for that, and it’s good for up to six people.

How to remove someone from your Amazon Prime account

If you need to remove someone from your Prime Household, go to yours account page, scroll down to the tab labeled Manage your Householdselect Manage Your Household Membersand from there you can easily click Remove for any adults, teens, or children enrolled in your Prime Household.

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