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The singer and her father, who died suddenly at the age of 66, were very close: it was he who helped her to overcome her shyness and push her to perform. The memory of Elisa from the stage

He often appeared on the social networks of Emma Marrone, his father Rosario, died suddenly at age 66. Thank you all for the love you have given us, she wrote the singer the next day, overwhelmed by the affection of the fans. And also of her friends of hers, including Elisa who, in concert in Taormina, wanted to remember the father of her colleague and friend, saying: I don’t want to keep him just for me, I’m thinking of her and her family. she. We can all do it together, today I would like to dedicate “Hallelujah” to Rosario Marrone, Emma’s dad who flew to heaven. Rosario was a musician, together he and his daughter had shared a passion for music before and many stages. Their tender, close-knit relationship was also known by the many fans of the singer, who for Brown Rosary remained – as he himself had remembered – my little one. You are and always will be. For her part, Emma called him the coolest of all, a man capable of teaching his daughter the most important thing of all: believing in herself. When her shyness prevented her from making her voice sound in front of people, it was her father – a nurse by profession – who pushed her to go beyond her own limits. You kicked me in the butt on the first stage. You taught me to sing in front of people without being ashamed. I love you so much, she had said long ago.

The shoulder before concerts

For everyone Emma, ​​but for her dad it was Chicca, her little girl. Affectionate and eclectic (as it was also defined by the mayor of his country), he enjoyed accompanying his daughter to her concerts: The stage is your artistic home – he wrote, accompanying a photo that portrayed them hand in hand -. You make us dream in every song you sing. Thank you my love.

The heart of a father

Ironically, he had chosen to celebrate his 63rd birthday with a photograph of him once again in concert, with a blonde wig on. As a comment, he wrote: Sorry so much but I’m a dad a bit of a joker, a bit of a rock, and I wanted to thank all of you friends and fans of Emma (I don’t say mine senn she is jealous), because today you have given me so much love and affection that I have especially regenerated the spirit of an old man of 63 years, who are then 20 of age and 43 of experience … thanks again to all of you with sincere affection and with the heart of a father.

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